Lemon Pie

One large lemon, one pint of rich sweet milk, one pinch of salt, one tablespoonful of corn-starch, four tablespoonfuls of white granulated sugar, three fresh, eggs beaten separately. Grate off the yellow skin of the lemon (that contains the oil flavoring) then peel off the white skin that is always bitter, then grate the lemon and take out the seeds. Put the milk and salt into a saucepan and set it into a pan of boiling water over the fire. Mix the corn-starch with a little cold milk and stir it in; stir it until it boils two minutes then take it off the fire, beat the yolks and sugar together and stir them in, then add the grated peel and lemon, beat the whites with two teaspoonfuls of white sugar to a stiff foam and stir them in last. Put it into a deep tin pie plate that has been buttered and lined with puff paste, and bake a light brown. It takes about twenty minutes.

Mince Meat

Two pounds of beef, weighed after it is cooked and the fat, gristle and strings taken out, one pound of beef suet, weighed after it is broken up and string taken out, four pounds of apples, weighed after they are peeled and sliced, six pounds of currants, weighed after they are washed and dried, one pound of citron cut in small pieces, six pounds of white granulated sugar, four large nutmegs grated fine, two tablespoonfuls of powdered mace, two tablespoonfuls of powdered cinnamon, four large lemons grated, peel, pulp and juice, one gallon and one quart of sweet cider and one quart of brandy. Cook five pounds of lean beef five hours the day before you intend to make mince meat, it shrinks very much in cooking. Wash, dry and pick eight pounds of currants the day before they are to be used. They lose in weight by washing and picking. Mix the mince meat in a porcelain kettle, after the fat, skin and strings have been removed from the meat, pick it to pieces, weigh it, chop it up very fine and put it into the kettle, break up the suet, take out the strings, chop it up very fine and mix it with the meat. After the apples are peeled, sliced and weighed,chop them fine and put them in with the meat, weigh the currants and put them in with the meat, then put in the citron, lemon and spices and mix them well together, then put in the cider and brandy and set the kettle over the fire and let it cook five minutes, then put it hot into glass jars hermetically sealed, with a tablespoonful of hot brandy in the neck of each jar. This mince meat will keep a year.

Pumpkin Or Squash Pie

A striped long necked winter squash makes the best pies. Cut it in rings half an inch wide; take out the inside, peel off the skin and cut it up in thin chips, as you do apples for pies. Then put into a saucepan with half a pint of cold water and cook it over a slow fire until it is very soft and the water is all boiled down, then press it through a wire sieve and measure to it, one quart of pumpkin or squash, one quart of rich sweet milk, ten fresh eggs, beaten separately, twelve ounces of white granulated sugar, two teaspoonfuls of powdered cinnamon, two teaspoonfuls of grated nutmeg, one tablespoonful of ginger, two teaspoonfuls of salt. Mix the pumpkin, spices and salt together, beat the yolks and sugar together and stir them into the pumpkin, then stir in the milk and beat the whites with two tablespoonfuls of white sugar to a stiff foam and stir them in last. Put it into deep tin pie plates that have been buttered and lined with puff paste and bake a light brown. It takes about thirty minutes.