Cabbage Salad, Or Cold Slaw

Two quarts of cut cabbage, one tablespoonful of fresh butter, with one teaspoonful cf flour mixed in it; one gill of cider vinegar, one teaspoonful of my made mustard, one heaped teaspoonful of salt, (celery salt,) quarter of a teaspoonful of pepper, three yolks of fresh eggs, one gill of rich sweet milk. Mix the butter and flour together, put it into a skillet and let it fry one minute, then stir in the vinegar, mustard, salt and pepper and let it get hot, but it must not boil, then beat the yolks and milk together and stir them into the vinegar, stir it until it is as thick as cream, but it must not boil, pour it into a bowl, and when it is cold enough, mix it with the cabbage. Take a small flat dutch head of cabbage and trim off the outside leaves, cut it in halves, wash it in cold water, then cut it on the cabbage cutter, but not too fine, spread a clean napkin into the colander, put in the cabbage, take the four corners together and shake out the water, then measure and put it into the salad dish. When ready to serve mix the dressing and cabbage well together. It is excellent with raw or fried oysters.

Lettuce Salad

Take the head of lettuce and strip off all the outside leaves; then separate the inside leaves from the stalk, and put them into cold water and let them remain in it half an hour. Then spread a clean napkin into the colander, pick the lettuce carefully over and throw it into the colander; then take the four corners of the napkin together and shake it to get the water off the lettuce. Put it into the salad dish, and when ready to serve, mix the dressing with it.

Endive Salad

Only the yellow part of endive can be used for salad. After the green leaves have all been taken off, put the yellow part into cold water. Separate the leaves, pick it carefully and wash it in two waters. Cut the leaves off two inches long, put them in the salad dish with the curled ends on top. Serve with lettuce salad dressing.

Corn Salad

Corn salad is so small and grows so near the ground that it has to be carefully picked; examine every bunch closely, then take off the under leaves and cut off the root and wash it twice in cold water, let it remain half an hour in the last water. Then put it into the colander to drain, serve with lettuce salad dressing.

Bean Salad

The yellow wax beans are the best for salad; string them and boil them whole, when they are boiled tender; take them out on to a table that is covered with a clean cloth and let them get cold then put them into the salad dish; mix one table-spoonful of olive oil, one saltspoonful of salt, half a saltspoonful of pepper and one teaspoonful of my made mustard together; then add four tablespoon fuls of cider vinegar.

Cucumber Salad

Cucumbers for salad should only be a little more than a finger length long and a little thicker than a thumb. They have a much finer taste than those large unwholesome cucumbers which are generally used for salad. Put them into cold water, peel them, cut off the stem end and throw them into a pan of cold water until it is time to serve; then slice them thin and send them to table with a separate plate of sliced small white onions; serve them at table to suit the taste, some prefer them with only vinegar, salt and pepper, whilst others prefer them with the addition of oil. When oil is used it should be put on first and mixed with the cucumber before the vinegar is put on.