Put the terrapin into boiling water and boil until the skin and toe nails come off easily. Then take it out, pull off the skin, take out the toe nails and wash it in warm water and boil it again in salted water until the flesh is tender; then take it out of the shell, remove the sand bag and gall which you must be careful not to break, as it will make the terrapin bitter and uneatable. Cut the terrapin into small pieces and save the juice that comes out in the cutting with as much of the water it was boiled in as will make half a pint. One quart of terrapin meat; half a pint of the juice and water it was boiled in; four ounces of fresh butter with two teaspoonfuls of flour mixed in it; four table-spoonfuls of cider vinegar; one teaspoonful crushed celery seed; one teaspoonful of my made mustard; one teaspoonful of salt; half a teaspoonful of pepper; three yolks of fresh eggs; four tablespoon-fuls of rich sweet milk; mix the butter and flour together and put it in a stew pan and let it fry a minute, then stir in the juice and water and let it come to a boil, then add the vinegar, celery seed, mustard, salt and pepper and when it is hot put in the terrapin and let it boil five minutes. Then beat the yolks and milk together and stir them in, let it get scalding hot, but not to boil, and then lift.