are prepared in the same manner and cooked the same length of time as onions.

Boiled Cabbage

The best boiled cabbage is cooked with a brisket piece of sugar cured corned beef, and the best cabbage to cook is the dutch flat head. Take the smallest heads, trim off the outside leaves, cut the cabbage in two in the middle and put it into cold water for half an hour, then turn the cut side down and shake it up and down in the water to get out the sand; then put it into the pot with the corned beef and cold water enough to cover it and when it begins to boil skim it, cover the pot and boil it slowly three hours. If the water boils down too fast replenish with boiling water. The water must be boiled down low just before the cabbage is lifted.

Hot Slaw

Two quarts of cut cabbage prepared in the following manner: Mix one tablespoonful of fresh butter with one teaspoonful of flour, and put it into a skillet and let it fry one minute, then put in one gill of cider vinegar, half a teaspoonful of salt, a quarter of a teaspoonful of pepper and one tea-spoonful of my made mustard. Let it get hot, but not boil, then beat the yolks of three fresh eggs with one gill of rich sweet milk, and stir it in with the other ingredients; stir it until the egg thickens, but not to boil, then put in the cabbage and stir it until the cabbage is hot, then lift.


Pare one quarter of a peck of turnips and chip them up in thin pieces as you do apples for sauce or pies, and put them into cold water; put two table-spoonfuls of fresh butter mixed with two teaspoon-fuls of flour into a saucepan and let it boil one minute, then put in the turnips with hot water enough to cover them, then two teaspoonfuls of salt. Half a pint of beef broth adds very much to the taste. If the water boils down too low replenish with boiling water; cook them slowly two hours and a half. They must be almost dry when they are done. This is the best way to cook turnips; they retain all their flavor.