Barberry Jelly: Barberries Water


Barberries need touching with the frost to give the jelly the dark crimson color and "tang" that make it so acceptable. Free berries from stems, wash, and allow to every two quarts of berries one half cup water. Cook until juice will press out easily, take from fire, mash well, strain, and measure juice. To each pint juice use one pound sugar, which, as for all jellies, should be heated in the oven with door open, while juice is cooking. Boil juice twenty minutes, add sugar, cook three or four minutes longer, and turn into glasses, and cover.

Barberries combine well with apples, pears, or raisins. They are often put up with the latter, using one pound raisins to every five pounds of fruit, and one pound sugar to one pound of the whole. With apples allow twelve sour apples to each four quarts of berries. A cluster of barberries dropped in vinegar makes an effective garnish for meat or game.

Carrot Marmalade

12 large carrots, grated 3 lemons

Sugar 1 orange

Measure carrots and allow one cup to one cup of sugar; mix and let stand overnight. In morning add strained lemon and orange juices and cook slowly one hour.

If liked, one teaspoon each of cinnamon, cloves, and allspice may be added. Divide into glasses and cover.

Elderberry And Apple Jelly

8 cups (4 pts.) elderberries 4 cups (2 pts.) water

4 pounds cooking apples Lump sugar

Stalk elderberries, place them in preserving pan with water, and let simmer slowly one hour. Quarter and core but do not pare apples, mix with elderberries, and cook more quickly until apples begin to break. Strain through hot jelly bag, measure resulting juice into clean preserving pan, and, after adding to each pint from one pound to one and one fourth pounds of heated lump sugar, according to degree of sweetness liked, boil gently until jelly stiffens when tested.

Golden Marmalade

8 cups (2 qts.) rhubarb 1 pineapple

3 oranges Sugar

Wash and dry rhubarb, cut in small pieces, and cook fifteen minutes. Put pineapple and oranges through food chopper, add them, and cook fifteen minutes. Measure mixture and add same amount of sugar. Boil twenty minutes and seal in glasses.

Orange And Pineapple Marmalade

4 oranges 1 pineapple

1 lemon

11 cups (5 1/2 pts.) water

8 cups (4 lbs.) sugar

Slice oranges and lemon very thin and chop pineapple not too fine. Pour over water, cover, and stand aside twenty-four hours; then boil slowly one hour, after which add sugar and stand aside again twenty-four hours. Then boil from one hour and twenty minutes to one and one half hours. Pour into glasses and seal.

Orange Marmalade

8 oranges 4 lemons

24 cups (6 qts.) water

22 cups (11 lbs.) sugar, heated

Wash and dry oranges and lemons, slice very thin, picking out seeds. Add water and let stand thirty-six hours. Turn into a preserving pan and cook steadily one hour. Now add sugar and boil slowly until it jellies when tested on a plate. Pour into glasses and cover. This marmalade is excellent.