4 quarts skim milk


This quantity of milk will make about one and one half pounds of cheese. Pour milk into a clean saucepan and allow to remain in a warm place at a temperature of about 75° F. until it clabbers. This will take about thirty hours, and if the process has to be hastened, a small quantity of sour milk may be mixed with the sweet milk. As soon as the milk has firmly clabbered, cut it into pieces two inches square, then stir curd with a spoon. Place pan of curd in a vessel of hot water so as to raise temperature to 100° F. Cook at that temperature for about thirty minutes, during which time stir gently with a spoon for one minute at five-minute intervals. Pour curd and whey into cheesecloth bag and hang up to drain. After ten minutes, work curd toward the center with a spoon. Stop draining when whey ceases to flow in a steady stream. Now work curd with a wooden spoon until it becomes fine and smooth in grain. Sour or sweet cream may be added to improve flavor. Add one teaspoon salt to every pound of curd. If liked, add a little melted butter, form into neat balls, and serve very cold. The balls may be rolled in bread crumbs, browned in hot butter, and served hot,

Cottage Cheese Sandwiches Are Excellent. To every cup of cheese add two tablespoons cream, one half cup chopped stuffed olives, and one fourth cup chopped nut meats. Spread between thin slices of bread.