Cheese And Olive Sandwiches

1 cup (1/4 lb.) grated cheese

2 dozen olives, chopped fine

3 pimientoes, chopped fine 1 egg

1/2 cup (1 gill) sour cream 1/2 cup (1 gill) vinegar

1/2 tablespoon flour

1 tablespoon sugar

1/8 teaspoon mustard

1/2 teaspoon salt

Crisp lettuce leaves

Slices buttered brown bread

Mix cheese, olives, and pimientoes together. Put egg, cream, vinegar, flour, sugar, and seasonings into a saucepan, stir and boil until it thickens, then add cheese mixture and cool. Spread on bread, put a lettuce leaf between, and press slices together.

Cheese And Peanut Butter Sandwiches

1 cup (1/2 pt.) cottage cheese 1 cup (1/2 pt.) peanut butter

Crisp lettuce leaves Whole wheat bread

Mix cheese with peanut butter and spread on buttered slices of bread, placed together with crisp lettuce leaf between.

If there are left-over sandwiches on hand, try using them in this way. Dip each sandwich in a thick fritter batter, and fry a golden brown in plenty of smoking hot fat. Drain and serve hot, piled up on a pretty dish.

Cheese, Olive, And Nut Sandwiches

1 dill pickle, chopped

1/2 cup (2 ozs.) chopped English walnut meats 1/2 cup (1 gill) mayonnaise dressing Buttered slices brown bread

1 small bottle stuffed olives, chopped 1 cup (1/4 lb.) grated or cottage cheese Crisp lettuce leaves

Into a bowl put pickle, olives, nuts, cheese, and dressing. Mix and spread between liberally buttered slices of brown bread. Before placing together, lay a lettuce leaf between the slices, cut with a biscuit cutter, and serve at once.

A cheese and nut sandwich that is novel is made as follows: Into one cup of green-apple sauce, stir sufficient finely chopped nut meats to make a paste thick enough to spread upon well buttered brown or gluten bread which has already been spread with cream cheese. Cut into triangles and serve at once.

Deviled Ham And Egg Sandwiches

1 can deviled ham or tongue 1/2 cup (1 gill) French or mayonnaise dressing

2 hard-cooked eggs, chopped 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon pepper

Thin bread slices

Mix ham and eggs well, add dressing and seasonings. Mix again and spread on thin slices of bread which have had all crusts removed.

Exchange Sandwiches

1 pound boiled ham

2 bell peppers

1 small onion

2 stalks celery

4 sour pickles

2 hard-cooked eggs

1/2 cup (1 gill) mayonnaise dressing

Crisp lettuce leaves

Thin slices buttered bread

Put ham, peppers, onion, celery, and pickles through food chopper, mix with eggs cut in small pieces, and mayonnaise. Spread on lettuce leaves between bread slices. Cut into desired shapes.

Ham And Almond Sandwiches

Mix equal parts ground ham and ground almonds, season to taste and moisten with thick sweet cream. Serve between thin slices of whole wheat bread.

Fruit Sandwiches

1 cup (1/4 lb.) stoned dates

1 cup (1/4 lb.) preserved cherries

2 cups (1/2 lb.) figs

2 cups (1/2 lb.) chopped nut meats 1 tablespoon preserved ginger Crackers, buttered

Put dates, cherries, figs, nut meats, and ginger through food chopper. Place in greased baking-powder cans and press down well. Stand overnight, and when wanted for use dip cans in hot water and loosen contents with a knife. Cut into thin slices and place between crackers. Decorate each sandwich with a cherry.