3 tablespoons (2 ozs.) pearl barley

1 tablespoon (1/2 oz.) sugar 1 lemon

2 cups (1 pt.) boiling water

Wash barley in several waters, put it with sugar and lemon rind into a pitcher, pour water over, and keep infusion covered as tightly as possible. When cold, strain and serve. This is thin barley water.

Thick Barley Water. Proceed in the same way, but allow barley to simmer in three cups water for at least one hour. Then strain and serve. The barley can be used a second time, but it is then not so nourishing.

Barley water is often mixed with milk, the lemon in this case being omitted. This is considered a very light and nourishing drink, and having no decided taste, is usually a favorite with invalids.

To Serve Barley Water with Fruit. Make one cup thick barley water, flavor it with one teaspoon lemon juice, add two tablespoons sugar or honey, and one tablespoon gelatine dissolved in one half cup hot water, and stir over fire for a few minutes. Pour into a wet ring mold, and when firm turn out and put stewed fruit or preserves in center, and serve.