3/4 lb. chocolate

Put chocolate in a bowl in a pan containing warm water over gentle heat, stir all the time until chocolate is quite smooth, then stand bowl on a table and stir well; when cooled sufficiently and chocolate shows signs of becoming thick, stand bowl in larger bowl containing warm water. Dip in centers, take them out with fork or dipping fork, and place on a clean sheet of tin, or on a marble slab covered with waxed paper, and decorate top with a twisted strand of chocolate. They should be dry, bright, and glossy. Chocolate covering should be done in a cold, dry room. If chocolate sets in bowl, melt again over slow heat, stirring well; but on no account should chocolate become hot, or the chocolates will be streaky. If any water gets into the chocolate it will become thick, and cannot be used for coating purposes; then make the mixture into centers, either leaving plain, or adding a little extract, chopped nuts, or fruits.

Balls or squares, or rounds of fondant of various colors and flavors, may be dipped into above melted chocolate.