4 cups (1 qt.) boiling water 1 teaspoon salt

1 cup (6 ozs.) corn meal Molasses, or sirup, or honey

Put boiling water into double boiler, add salt, and stir in corn meal, stir well every few minutes to prevent lumping, and cook one hour. Pour into greased mold. When cold, slice and fry in hot fat until a golden color. Serve with molasses, or sirup, or honey, or crushed or sweetened fruits which have been allowed to stand until juice is extracted. One half cup chopped nut meats, or one half cup chopped figs, or raisins, or dates may be added to above mixture. Stir in nuts or fruit thirty minutes before serving. Serve with milk.

To make savory mush, add one half teaspoon powdered herbs and one half tablespoon chopped parsley, and omit nuts or fruit. Fry a few slices of bacon and brown the mush in the hot drippings. Serve hot together. Milk may be used instead of boiling water; skim milk will do.

Each slice of mush may be dipped in beaten egg or milk and then in cracker or bread crumbs and fried as above.

The secret of good mush is long, slow cooking.

Another Method. About eight o'clock in the morning make a rather thin mush of coarse yellow corn meal and boiling water well salted, with one tablespoon sugar to each quart of mush. Boil ten minutes, stirring constantly. Then put saucepan where it will boil slowly and let it cook all day, adding a little boiling water from time to time. Stir gently every few minutes. All day long it must be watched and stirred. Serve at six o'clock in dainty bowls with milk or cream.

Corn meal contains about four and one half times as much fat as wheat, and three times as much mineral matter. Wheat flour contains a little more protein, or muscle-making material, than corn meal, and a very small amount of starch.