4 tablespoons (2 ozs.) butter substitute 4 tablespoons (2 ozs.) sugar 2 eggs, beaten

2 tablespoons (1 oz.) ground rice 4 tablespoons (1 oz.) flour 1 cup (1/2 pt.) milk Strawberry or raspberry jam

Cream butter substitute and sugar, add eggs, rice, flour, and milk, and mix well. Allow to remain in a cool place one and one half hours, so that the rice swells; divide into well-greased saucers and bake in moderate oven fifteen to twenty minutes. Spread with jam and place one on another, or spread jam on one half and turn over like an omelet.

An Economical French Egg-pancake may be made as follows: Take one or more eggs, and beat them well; add one tablespoon of milk to each egg, salt and pepper to taste. Melt a little fat in a small frying pan, and cook half the egg mixture until set. Turn out on to a hot plate, and spread the top with jam. Fry the remainder of the egg mixture, and lay on top of first one. If this is placed between thin buttered slices of bread, the children will be able to take it to school.