Melted butter

Lemon juice



Cut aboue one fourth of an inch from each end, but do not peel bananas. Lay them in a greased baking dish, and bake in hot oven fifteen minutes. When done the skin should burst open like that of a baked apple. Then turn bananas over, and bake five minutes on other side. Serve very hot.

Another Method. Remove a strip of the skin, cutting off each end as before, and place in a shallow pan with exposed side up. Melt two tablespoons of sugar, two of butter melted, and two of lemon juice with pinch of salt, and baste bananas with this while they are baking for fifteen minutes. Serve very hot.

Slice ripe bananas lengthwise, and fry in hot lard. Eat with meat, or serve sprinkled with sugar. A squeeze of lemon juice is an improvement.

Peel ripe bananas, dip them whole or sliced in batter, and fry in smoking hot fat until crisp and brown.

Peel ripe bananas, and place in a pudding dish, sprinkle a little lemon juice and sugar on them, half cover with water, and bake for twenty minutes. When cool serve with custard, cream, or milk.