1 medium-sized ham

2 cups (1/2 lb.) flour

4 cups (1 lb.) barley flour Cold water

1/2 cup (4 ozs.) drippings

Wash ham and soak it in lukewarm water six hours. Then saw off knuckle bone, and if ham is very large, boil it carefully one hour. Into a bowl sift flours and make into stiff paste with water. Roll out on floured baking board. Drain and dry ham, place it on pastry, wet edges of paste with water, and wrap up ham in it. Place it in roasting pan with drippings and bake in moderate oven, basting frequently. The time will depend upon size and thickness of ham; about three hours should be allowed for a medium-sized ham, or twenty minutes to the pound and twenty minutes over. When ready, remove crust and skin. If served hot, a wine sauce may be served separately. If served cold, sprinkle it thickly with browned bread crumbs. Place ham in oven a few minutes in order to make crumbs adhere.

If only a half ham is being baked, the preliminary boiling may be dispensed with.

A Simple Way to Bake a Ham. Scrub a medium-sized ham well and let soak in cold water overnight. Place ham meat side down in a roaster or deep pan and fill nearly to top with cold water. Cover with lid, place in oven, and cook two hours without turning. Turn and bake two hours longer or until a fork will pierce it easily. Remove from oven, skin, stick in a few cloves, and cover with plenty of brown sugar. Return to oven and let remain until browned. Serve with spinach, Brussels sprouts, or green peas.