Lukewarm water 1 teaspoon sugar 1 yeast cake

1 1/2 teaspoons salt

2 teaspoons caraway seeds

Rye flour

In one fourth cup lukewarm water dissolve sugar and yeast cake, turn into a bowl, add pint lukewarm water, salt, caraway seeds, and two cups rye flour. Stir well and let rise in warm place two hours. It should be full of bubbles when ready. Now add sufficient rye flour - about four and one half cups - to make stiff dough, work well ten minutes, and again let rise two hours. Turn out on to floured board and knead well. Divide into two loaves, place in greased pans, and allow to rise until they begin to crack on surface, brush over with cold water, and put in oven. Bake one hour and do not open door until bread has been in ten minutes. The oven should be very hot at first. Cover bread with greased paper as soon as it is brown on top.

Another Method. Scald three fourths pint milk in a double boiler, add two tablespoons butter substitute, one third cup sirup, and one teaspoon salt. When lukewarm add one yeast cake dissolved in one fourth cup lukewarm water, and mix with one cup buckwheat flour and two cups flour. Allow to rise until light, then add enough rye meal to make stiff dough and knead five minutes. Cover and allow to rise overnight and early in the morning cut dough down, knead it a little, and place it in a large greased round pan. Let dough rise until doubled in size; brush over with water and bake in moderate oven one hour.