3 cups (3/4 lb.) flour

1 cup (4 ozs.) rice flour

3/4 cup (6 ozs.) sugar 1 cup (8 ozs.) butter or butter substitute

Mix flours and sugar and sift on to baking board. Press moisture out of butter, using a clean towel for purpose, and place in center of flours and sugar. Many people are of opinion that only sweet butter should be used. This is not so; butter slightly salted makes the best flavored shortbread. Proceed to work dry ingredients into butter by kneading; keep plenty of flour between the hands and butter. When all is worked in, continue to knead, rubbing the paste well out across the baking board. This gives shortness. The paste should be smooth and free from cracks. Divide into two pieces, form into round cakes, pinch edges, and perforate center with a fork. Lay on a papered tin and bake in moderate, steady heat to a nice golden color from thirty to forty minutes.

Allow to stand a little before attempting to lift.

If liked, the cake may be ornamented with strips of candied peel, or smooth white candies, or may be left perfectly plain and thickly dusted with powdered sugar on being taken from the oven.

This paste may also be used for cookies by rolling out to thickness required for such and by cutting into neat fancy shapes.