1 eggplant

Seasoned bread crumbs


2 poached eggs

One eggplant is enough for a good-sized family. Do not cook eggplant in any way without first removing its acridity by cooking in boiling salted water, which draws out the injurious principle solanina. To stuff, boil in salted water, just as it comes from the market, then drain and cut open lengthwise, scoop out center, mix with an equal quantity of nicely seasoned bread crumbs, divide into the two shells, dot with bits of butter, and bake in hot oven fifteen minutes.

Place eggs on top and serve hot. If liked, a little grated cheese may be sprinkled over the top.

Or, cut a good-sized eggplant in six slices, leaving skin on one side of each piece to hold slices together. Cook in boiling salted water ten minutes, then lay in iced water thirty minutes.

Make an incision in each slice and fry all in smoking hot fat. Scoop out fleshy part of plant, stuffing pieces with a forcemeat of bread crumbs and sausage, or bread crumbs and chopped boiled ham, parsley, onion juice, salt, and pepper. Make these into a paste with one beaten egg or a little cream. Sprinkle soft bread crumbs and a little vegetable oil over the eggplant, then place it in a hot oven and bake until browned.