Why Batter Is Beaten

Correct beating introduces air into the mixture; air expands with heat. As it expands, it lifts up - raises - the batter, and so makes it light. After the beating is finished, stir in the rest of the milk, but there must be no more beating, for now the batter is thin, and blows from the spoon would break the bubbles, and permit air to escape. Let batter stand one hour, if possible, in order to permit the starch grains to swell.

For Creamy Fudge

To have fudge of a creamy texture, place the pan in cold water immediately on taking pan from the fire and stir - not beat - the mixture with a wooden spoon. Slightly warm pans into which fudge or peanut brittle is to be poured. The candy will be of a more uniform thickness, and peanut brittle can be made thinner than when pans are cold.

How To Make Tough Meat Tender

Many persons do not care for stews, or at least grow tired of them in time. Here is a plan which might be tried with advantage. First, steam a joint of meat for two hours, then finish cooking by roasting in the oven. To steam, place it in a large saucepan upon a trivet or anything that will raise it from bottom of pan. Fill up with boiling water almost as far as meat, but not touching it. Cover pan and steam steadily for required time. Be careful that water does not boil away during cooking, or pan will burn. Replenish with boiling water when water seems to be getting low. When well steamed, take up meat, rub it over with drippings, and put some drippings also in roasting pan. Bake in hot oven thirty minutes, basting frequently. Gravy may be made in pan as for any other roast meat.

Potato Parings

Potato parings should not be wasted. Dried, they form excellent kindling for a fire; and boiled and added to barley meal or bran they make very good food for ducks and chickens.

How To Remove Smell Of Onions

To remove smell of onions from knives, place them in the earth for a few minutes. Earth will also sweeten pickle jars that washing seems powerless to render fit for use, but in this case the jars should be filled with earth and allowed to remain twenty-four hours or so.

Lemonade Powder

To make lemonade powder, take one half ounce citric acid, four ounces sugar, and ten drops lemon extract. Mix all thoroughly, and rub twice through a clean sieve. Two teaspoons of this powder will make a good glass of lemonade.

How To Freshen Pastry

To freshen pastry, sprinkle it well with cold water, put it in the oven, and reheat. Puff pastry is the only kind that cannot be freshened in this way.

How To Keep Lemons

Lemons will keep indefinitely in a cool place if covered with water. This should be changed every second day. They may also be stored in dry sand.

How To Soften Hard Candied Peel

Candied peel that has become dry and hard should be separated from the rest, then sliced or chopped and put into a dish with enough wine to moisten it. It is then ready for use in puddings which are cooked in an hour or two - and there are many such - for this preliminary soaking not only softens and flavors the peel, but renders it more digestible. As all know, candied peel is one of those ingredients that can hardly be cooked too long, hence, in carrying out this hint, one is certain to improve the dish to which the peel is added.