Serve with roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, baked white potatoes, or mashed potatoes, gravy, hot or cold horse-radish sauce, boiled or brown sweet potatoes, corn, tomatoes, spinach, or carrots.

Serve with cold beef, pickles, aspic jelly, salad with French dressing, or relishes.

Serve with boiled beef, cabbage and other vegetables boiled, or dumplings, or boiled potatoes, string beans, or browned parsnips.

Serve with boiled mutton, caper sauce, boiled rice, or vegetables.

Serve with roast mutton, red currant jelly, brown sauce, gravy.

Serve with cold mutton, sliced tomatoes with French dressing.

Serve with lamb, mint sauce, gravy, cucumbers with cream sauce, peas.

Serve with cold lamb, lettuce and mint salad, with French dressing.

Serve with corned beef, boiled cabbage, turnips, boiled potatoes.

Serve with tongue, carrots, raisin sauce, or rice.

Serve with minced steak, hashed browned potatoes, lettuce or celery salad.

Serve with rolled steak, brown or tomato sauce, potato puffs, and vegetables.

Serve with beef heart, mashed potatoes, buttered beets, carrots, or parsnips.

Serve with roast veal, gravy, grilled bacon, or ham.

Serve with veal cutlets, tomato sauce, rice balls, peas.

Serve with stewed veal, dumplings, baked potatoes.

Serve with boiled veal, parsley sauce.

Serve with cold veal, celery mayonnaise, lettuce or tomato salad.

Serve with roast pork, apple sauce, gravy, dried beans, peas, or lentils.

Serve with cold pork, apple sauce, cabbage or celery salad.

Serve with braised ham, brown sauce.

Serve with baked ham, or boiled ham, cider sauce, or currant jelly, sweet potatoes, cabbage salad with French dressing.

Serve with boiled rabbit, pickled pork, onion sauce.

Serve with roast rabbit, sage stuffing, brown tomato sauce, fried potato chips.

Serve with roast fowl, bread sauce, gravy, grilled bacon, watercress, fried potatoes.

Serve with boiled fowl, egg or parsley sauce.

Serve with roast or braised duck, gravy, apple sauce, orange sauce, fried potatoes.

Serve with roast turkey, cranberry sauce, bread sauce, gravy, grilled sausages.

Serve with boiled turkey, celery, oyster or egg sauce.

Serve with squabs, gravy, toasted bread, and watercress.

Serve with roast goose, apple sauce, gravy, or chestnut puree, or fried potatoes.

Serve with guinea fowl, bread sauce, watercress, gravy.

Serve with hare, red currant jelly, forcemeat balls. Serve with every meat course one starchy and one green vegetable. The green vegetable may be a salad.