When the mussels are well cleaned, stew them without water till they open, take them from the shells, save the liquor; put into a stew-pan a piece of butter, with a few chopped mushrooms, a little parsley, and a little grated lemon-peel; stir this; put in some good gravy, with pepper and salt; thicken this with a little flour; boil it up, put in the mussels with some liquor, and serve hot.†

* 'Dictionnaire Général de la Cuisine Franchise, Ancienne et Mo-derne'.

† 'The Lady's Assistant'.

Another Ragout Of Mussels

Cleanse some mussels, and put them into a stew-pan on a stove, till they open. Take them out of their shells, and keep their liquor; then blanch them in butter. Put some mushrooms in a stew-pan, with a bunch of sweet herbs, and pepper; some veal gravy to moisten the whole; then stew it on a slow fire. Your sauce being done, take off the fat, and thicken it with cullis of veal and ham; then put in your mussels with some of their own liquor, and let it do slowly, taking care that it does not boil; let it be relishing, and serve it up hot for a dainty dish.*