Boil them for ten minutes or so, then take them out of their shells, and fry them with butter or lard. Add a little salt and pepper.

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Razor-Fish Soup

Take 2 lbs. of razor-fish, and, after they have been well washed, put them into a saucepan, and keep them on a slow fire till they open, then take out the fish from the shells. Chop up some parsley very fine, and put it, with a tablespoonful of oil or an ounce of butter, into a saucepan, and fry until it becomes brown. To this add a pint of water, or a pint and a half of milk, and, when boiling, place in your fish, with a little salt and pepper, and let it boil again for half an hour. Add toasted bread before it is served up, or boil some vermicelli with it, of course adding more water.

Another Way To Cook Solens

Stew them in milk till they are tender, add pepper and salt; butter is a great addition.

The razor-fish is much prized on the Scotch coast, where it is merely boiled, and eaten with salt and pepper. Poli says that it is good either raw, or fried with breadcrumbs, pepper, oil, and lemon-juice.