Take 50 clams, 1 quart of milk, 1 pint of water, 2 tablespoonfuls of butter. Drain off the liquor from the clams, and put it over the fire with a dozen whole peppers, a few bits of cayenne pods, half a dozen blades of mace, and salt to taste. Let it boil for ten minutes, then put in the clams and boil half an hour quite fast, keeping the pot closely covered. If you dislike to see the whole spices in the tureen, strain them out before the clams are added. At the end of the half-hour, add the milk, which as been heated to scalding, not boiling, in another vessel. Boil up again, taking care the soup does not burn, and put in the butter. Then serve without delay. If you desire a thicker soup stir a heaping tablespoonful of rice-flour into a little cold milk, and put in with the quart of hot.*

Hard Clam Soup

Take 50 large or 100 small sand clams, and their liquor, from the shells; strain the liquor; add to it a quart of milk and water each; if the clams are large, cut each in two and put them into it; set them over a moderate fire until the clams are tender (about one hour); skim it clear; put to it half a pound of butter crackers rolled fine; cover the pot for ten minutes, then add a quarter of a pound of sweet butter, and serve hot.†