Boil them from the shells, and take them out with a skimmer and put them into a basin; take of their own liquor half enough to cover over them, and the same quantity of strong vinegar. Whole pepper, alspice and mace, each a teaspoonful; make this hot and then pour it over the clams. After twenty-four hours they are fit for eating, and will keep good for a long time.

* Mrs. Crowen,.

Clam Fritters

One and a half pints of milk; one and a quarter pounds of flour; four eggs, whites and yolks beaten separately; whites stirred in lightly at the last; the clams must be chopped small; mix well, and drop with a spoon into hot lard, and fry brown.*

Scalloped Clams

Chop the clams fine, and season with pepper and salt. Cayenne pepper is thought to give a finer flavour than black or white, but to some palates it is insufferable. Mix in another dish, some powdered cracker, moistened first with warm milk, then with the clam liquor, a beaten egg or two, and some melted butter. Stir in with this the chopped clams. Wash as many clam-shells as the mixture will fill, wipe and butter them; fill, heaping up and smoothing over with a silver knife or teaspoon, range in rows in your baking-pan, and cook until nicely browned. Or, if you do not care to be troubled with the shells, bake in patty-pans, sending to table hot in the tins, as you would in the scallop-shells.†