Clean them and wash them from the sand, in two or three waters; put them into a stew-pan, cover them close, and let them stew till all the shells are opened; then take them out one by one, and to a quart of mussels put a pint of liquor and a quarter of a pound of butter, rolled in a little flour; when they are done enough, have some crumbs of bread ready, and cover the bottom of your dish thick; grate half a nutmeg over them, and pour the mussels and sauce all over the crumbs, and send them to table.*

* 'French Family Cook'.

‡ Salmon's ' Family Dictionary'.

† Idem.

Mussel Pie

Make a good paste, lay it all over the dish; wash your mussels clean in several waters, then put them into a stew-pan, cover them, and let them stew till they open; pick them out, and see that there be no crabs under the tongue; put them into a saucepan, with two or three blades of mace, strain the liquor just enough to cover them, add a good piece of butter, and a few crumbs of bread; stew them a few minutes; fill your pie, cover it, and bake for half an hour.†