British Seaweeds; an Introduction to the Study of the Marine AlgAE of Great Britain, Ireland, and the Channel Islands. By S. 0. Gray. Crown 8vo, with 16 Coloured Plates, 10s. 6d.

Phycologia Britannica; or, History of British

Seaweeds. Containing Coloured Figures, Generic and Specific Characters, Synonyms and Descriptions of all the Species of Algae inhabiting the Shores of the British Islands. By Dr. W. H. Harvey, F.R.S. New Edition. Royal 8vo, 4 vols. 360 Coloured Plates, 7 10s.

Phycologia Australica; a History of Australian

Seaweeds, comprising Coloured Figures and Descriptions of the more characteristic Marine Algae of New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, and Western Australia, and a Synopsis of all known Australian Algae. By Dr. W. H. Harvey, F.R.S. Royal 8vo, Five Vols., 300 Coloured Plates, 7 13s.