Savoury butters are much used in foreign kitchens, either as garnish, or to put the finishing touches to any delicate sauce. Hot Butter: For this purpose rub up a teaspoonful of either cayenne, coralline pepper, curry powder, or mustard flour with 5oz. to 6oz. of fresh butter, being careful to get it to a perfectly smooth paste. Anchovy Butter: Pound six to eight well washed and boned anchovies (or, though not so good, an equivalent amount of anchovy paste or essence) to a smooth paste with a full ounce of fresh butter, seasoning it with a few drops of lemon juice. Horseradish Butter: Grate down as finely as possible some horseradish and pound it to a smooth paste with an equal quantity of fresh butter, sieve it and finish off with a drop or two of chilli vinegar. Delicious with beef, hot or cold. Maitre d'Hotel Butter: Blanch and mince sufficient nice green parsley to fill a tablespoon, and pound it to a smooth paste with 2oz. or 3oz. of butter, a tablespoonful of lemon juice, and a dust of white pepper. (Keep this in a cool place, and do not work it too much in the making.) Ham, Cayenne, Lobster, or Shrimp Butter, etc., may be all made thus, and can be varied ad infinitum according to the materials at hand, and the use they are to be put to.