(858). Cannelons Of Beef Palate Or Lambs' Sweetbreads And Celery (Camielons De Palais De Boeuf Ou De Bis D'Agneau Et Celeri)

Cut eighth of an inch square pieces from a cold braised and pressed beef palate, add to it an equal quantity of mushrooms and half as many truffles, then mix this salpicon with a well reduced allemande sauce (No. 407). Roll out some eight-turn puff paste to the thickness of one sixteenth of an inch, wet this paste slightly and cut it into half inch wide bands. Butter the exterior of some cylindrical molds, one and a quarter inches in diameter by two and a half inches long; apply the bands on to these, turning them around so that half the paste of one row overlaps half of the last one, and continue until the cylinder is well covered; egg them over twice and cook them in a hot oven, remove, unmold and place each on a square of buttered paper, fill with some chicken quenelle forcemeat (No. 89), garnish the center with the above prepared salpicon, and finish the bottom and top with more forcemeat, then set them in a moderate oven for ten minutes. Range them on folded napkins and serve. Instead of beef palates lamb sweetbreads and celery mixed with an allemande sauce, may be substituted and finished exactly the same.

(859). Cannelons With Puree Of Chicken Or Game Cannelons A La Puree De Volaille Ou De Gibier)

Butter the outsides of some tin cornets, two and a half inches by one and a half inches, roll around them a thinly rolled out half inch baud made of puff paste trimmings, overlapping half of the paste at each round, lay them on a slightly dampened baking sheet, egg over twice, and cook them lying flat in a hot oven, when done, pull out the tin cornets, and set the caunelons upright, the wide opening at the top, and the point pared in such a manner that they are all of an exact height, keep them in this position by placing them in a paupiette mold; and fill the insides of the cannelons either with a game puree (No. 716), or a chicken puree (No. 713). Cover the wide opening with game or chicken forcemeat (No. 89) according to its contents, and set them in a slow oven for ten minutes. then serve on folded napkins.