(2847). Turnips Glazed (Navets Glaces)

Prepare some cylindrical of turnips one inch in diameter and one and a half inches long, having them beveled on both ends; blanch these in salted water, refresh and when well drained put them into a frying pan containing very hot butter. Color and season with salt and a pinch of sugar; drain once more, then place them in a sautoir and moisten with broth (No. 194a). When cooked the liquid should be reduced to a glaze.

(2848). Turnips With Spanish, Bechamel or Allemande Sauce (Navets A La Sauce Espagnole A La Sauce Bechamel Ou A La Sauce Allemande)

Trim some turnips into seven-eighths of an inch balls, or in the shape of crescents, olives or cloves of garlic; blanch in salted water, drain and saute them colorless in butter, seasoning with salt and sugar; drain off the butler, lay them in a saucepan, and moisten with gravy (No. 404) and espagnole sauce (No. 414), finishing to cook quite slowly. The espagnole sauce can be replaced by bechamel sauce and cream (No. 411), or else allemande sauce (No. 407) and broth (No. 194a), finishing with chicken glaze (No. 398) and fresh butter.

(2849). Teltow Turnips With Chestnuts (Navets De Teltow Aux Marrons)

Scrape and throw the turnips into tepid water, then plunge into boiling salted water placed in a well-tinned saucepan; boil over a moderate fire, and when done drain and put them back into a saucepan with a piece of butter and a little sugar; toss for a few moments, and moisten with broth (No. 194a); season and thicken with a little butter, into which stir some flour slightly browned in the oven; reduce to a short sauce, then pour into a vegetable dish; spread them over to form a hollow in the center to be tilled with whole chestnuts cooked in broth (No. 2727).