(2843). Truffles In A Napkin Or In A Croustade (Truffes En Serviette Ou En Croustad)

Choose one pound of the finest medium-sized, round and well-marbled truffles; clean and brush over; wrap each one separately in a thin slice of fresh pork. Fry slowly in butter without coloring one ounce of raw lean ham, cut from the kernel and the sinews removed, as much carrot and the same of onions, all three to be cut in eighth of an inch pieces, one bay leaf, thyme, a small slice of garlic and one clove. When these ingredients have been fried colorless moisten with a quarter of a bottleful of champagne or white wine and let boil, then skim and sim-mer for twenty minutes. Add the truffles and cook slowly for ten minutes: thicken the stock very slightly with a bit of kneaded butter ( No. 579) and close the saucepan hermetically: set it in a bain-marie for half an hour. Dress the truffles in a folded napkin (Fig. .557). Butter the sauce, pass it through a tammy and serve it in a sauce-boat the same time as the truffles. These can also be dressed in a basket made of border paste (No. 131 ), decorated with fanciful cuts made of the same paste, or even one made of carved bread.

In either ease have the basket very tasteful and elegant and spread out open on the top.

Truffles In A Napkin Or In A Croustade Truffes En  580

Fig. 537.

(2844). Truffles In Shells, Baked (Truffes En Coquilles, Gratinees)

Peel some truffles and put the parings into a saucepan with a little Madeira wine, parsley, thyme and bay leaf; let boil and leave in a bain-marie (Fig. 122) for half an hour. Cut the truffles in three-sixteenths inch slices, warm them in butter, drain this off and replace it by thick bechamel (No. 409), the above truffle essence and cream, seasoning with salt, nutmeg, prepared red pepper (No. 168) and Madeira wine, then reduce. Butter some silver shells (Fig. 438), strew over with bread-crumbs and fill with the truffles, then sprinkle over more bread-crumbs and grated parme-san; pour melted butter over and brown in a hot oven; serve. The minced truffles can be replaced by small whole ones trimmed into balls or olives.

(2845). Truffles Stuffed (Truffes Farcies)

Select seven or eight large, impeded truffles, having them very clean, round and of equal size; put them into a narrow saucepan one beside the other and cook them for eight or ten minutes while covered, adding salt and white or Madeira wine; leave them to get partly cold in this stock. Place in a small saucepan a few spoonfuls of cooked puree of foies-gras; mingle with it a little good reduced and thickened Madeira sauce (No. 492), add some raw egg-yolks and seasoning. Drain the truffles, cut a round piece from the top, remove it and empty the insides with a vegetable spoon (Fig. !)1); cut up a part of these removed pieces and add them to the foies-gras. Use this preparation to fill the truffles; close the opening with the removed cover and return them to the original saucepan with a little of their broth and a little melted glaze (No. 402); heat them for ten minutes while basting, then remove and cook the contents, while covered, for seven or eight minutes longer, off the fire. Dress them in a vegetable dish and pour over their own stock.

(2846). Truffle Timbale A La Perigord (Timbale De Truffes A La Perigord)

Decorate a timbale mold with fanciful cuts of noodle paste (No. 142); dampen these and line the mold with a layer of fine foundation paste ( No. 135) an eighth of an inch in thickness; cover both bottom and sides of the timbale with very thin bards of fresh fat pork. Peel as many medium-sized truffles as the timbale will hold, having them black and mellow; put them to cook in a foies-gras terrine, seasoning with salt, pepper, nutmeg, sprigs of parsley, thyme and bay leaf, also some minced ham and Madeira wine; place the terrine in the oven and as soon as the liquid comes to a boil take it out and let stand till cold, leaving the truffles in with the stock. Suppress the thyme and bay leaf, drain off the stock and reduce it with a pint of financiere sauce (No. 464) reduced to the consistency of a succulent sauce; transfer the truffles to the timbale, cover with a part of the sauce and lay over a flat of the same paste. Cook the timbale in a hot oven for three-quarters of an hour and serve unmolded; pour the remainder of the sauce into an aperture on top; serve at once.