(1847). Chicken Fillets Or Breasts A La Marceau (Filets Ou Ailes De Poulet A La Marceau)

Remove the breasts from six chickens each one of them to weigh from a pound and a half to two pounds; suppress the skin and sinews and lift off the minion fillets to streak with truffles; pare the large fillets into half heart-shapes, and lay them in a buttered sautoir; place the minion fillets on the outer edges, pour over butter, cover with buttered paper and cook in a moderate oven. Fill with cream chicken forcemeat (No. 75) some flat quarter inch thick half heart-shaped molds, placed on a sheet of buttered paper and poach very lightly, then saute on both sides in butter and dress unmolded in a circle with the chicken fillets on top. Prepare a Marceau sauce (No. 493); when ready to serve add a little fresh butter; fill the middle of the circle with small mushroom heads fried in butter, cover over with a part of the sauce and send the remainder to accompany the dish poured into a separate sauce-boat.

Chicken Fillets Or Breasts A La Marceau Filets Ou  383

Fig. 303.

(1848). Chicken Fillets Or Breasts A La Marechale (Filets Ou Ailes De Poulet A La Marechale)

Pare twelve raw chicken fillets; remove the minion fillets, and suppress the senews and skin which covers them, then marinate in salt, pepper, parsley leaves, and lemon juice. Make an incision on one side of these large fillets, and fill it in with a Duxelle (No. 385), or else fine herbs cooked with truffles; dip in beaten eggs, then roll in bread-crumbs, and baste with clarified butter; immerse them once more in the bread-crumbs, and put on them a buttered baking sheet; pour melted butter over, and brown in a brisk oven, or else broil over a slow tire, or even saute them in clarified butter; trim with favors (No. 10) and dress in a circle filling in the inside with a Toulouse garnishing (No. 766). Dip the minion fillets in a fine light frying batter (No. 137). roll them up into rings, and when fried and have attained a fine color, drain and dress pyramidieally over the Toulouse garnishing. A supreme sauce (No. 547) to be served separately.

(1849). Chicken Fillets Or Breasts A La Mirabeau (Filets Ou Ailes De Poulet A La Mirabeau)

, Keep the minion fillets when removing the fillets or wings from the chickens; suppress all the skin and sinews from the large fillets, take off the minion fillets and marinate the larger ones for two hours in a vessel containing salt, pepper, nutmeg, lemon juice, thyme, bay leaf, and parsley leaves, turning them over frequently; remove, drain, and roll in flour, then in beaten eggs, and lastly in bread-crumbs; fry in clarified butter. Pare the minion fillets into oblongs, spread over a layer of chicken quenelle forcemeat (No.89), with cooked fine herbs (No. 385), and roll them into cylinder shapes, now range them inside a buttered timbale mold and let cook in a slow oven. Dress the chicken breasts in the center of a dish on top of a little Mirabeau sauce (No. 500), surround them with the prepared paupiettes, and on every one of these lay a channeled mushroom (No. 118) cooked and glazed in chicken glaze (No. 398). Serve with a sauce-boatful of the same sauce.