(568). Almond Butter (Beurre D'Amandes)

Pound in a mortar, one ounce of peeled sweet almonds mixed with a few bitter ones; add four ounces of sugar, and moisten with a little milk, then stir in eight ounces of fresh butter, and beat it all well together, then press the whole through a fine sieve.

(569). Anchovy Butter (Beuure D'Anchois)

Wash an ounce of anchovies, wipe them well to remove the silver scales covering them, then pound them thoroughly, adding a quarter of a pound of butter, and a little cayenne pepper. Hub through a sieve and use when needed.

(570). Cambridge Butter (Beurre Cambridge)

Lay in a mortar and pound well, six hard boiled egg-yolks, with four well cleansed anchovies and a spoonful of chopped capers, also some tarragon and chives; when the whole is reduced to a paste, add to it one spoonful of English mustard, and the same quantity of French mustard, some salt, pepper, and vinegar, and one pound of fresh butter. Rub the compound through a sieve, and then mix in with it a tablespoonful of chopped parsley.

(571). Cayenne, Chili, Paprika And Sweet Spanish Pepper Butter (Beurre De Cayenne, Chili, Paprika, Piments Doux D'Espagnel)

Mix into half a pound of fresh butter, either a full teaspoonful of cayenne pepper or Chili pepper, and two teaspoonfuls Hungary paprika pepper; add to it some salt, lemon juice and sweet Spanish pimentos.

(572). Crab Butter (Beurre De Crabes)

Wash well some crab coral, then pound it in a mortar, adding double its quantity of butter, a dash of cayenne pepper and the juice of two lemons; press it through a sieve.

(573). Crawfish Butter (Beurre D'Ecrevisses)

Have one pound of very red crawfish shells, pound them with two pounds of butter and when they are reduced to a paste, then put it into a saucepan and cook slowly until the butler be thoroughly clarified; strain it through a piece of muslin into a bowl.and as soon as the greatest heat has passed off', beat it up with a spoon till it becomes cold. If needed to be colored a deeper red, add a little orchanet melted in a little butter, or else some vegetal carmine

(574). Pine Herb Butter, Cooked (Beurre Aux Fines Herbes Cuites)

Fry in some butter a few blanched and finely chopped shallots, add to them a few well chopped truffles and fresh mushrooms, and let the whole get quite cold, then add to it some fresh butter, salt, pepper, chopped parsley and lemon juice.

(575). Raw Fine Herb Butter, (Beurre Aux Fines Herbes Crues)

Wash some parsley, chervil, tarragon, pimpernel, chives and water-cress leaves, and then cut them up finely. Wipe off a piece of fresh butter in a cloth, and beat it up in a warm basin until it becomes slightly creamy, then mix in with it gradually the raw fine herbs; season this butter with cayenne, salt and lemon juice.

(576). Garlic Butter (Beurre D'Ail)

Blanch one ounce of garlic in plenty of water, drain and pound it well, adding half a pound of butter and seasoning with salt and red pepper.