(3021). Golden Crusts (Croutes Dorees)

Scrape off the crust from some table flutes and cut them in slices half an inch thick, then range them one beside the other on a dish; pour over a little sweetened raw cream mixed with a few egg-yolks. Let the crusts soak for ten to twelve minutes, basting them over with the cream, and then take them out and extract the moisture lightly; dip them into slightly sweetened beaten eggs, then drain and plunge them into hot frying fat a few at a time; drain as fast as they brown nicely, and bestrew the surfaces with sugar; serve with fruit preserves or else an English vanilla sauce (No. 3004).

(3022). Crusts Of Pineapple, Apricot Sauce (Croutes Aux Ananas, Sauce D'Abricots)

Cut from cooked savarin some slices three-eighths of an inch thick; from these remove some rounds three inches in diameter; divide these in two through the center and notch them on their convex side. Arrange these slices shaped like cocks'-combs on a baking sheet, dredge them over with sugar, and glaze in a brisk oven; cover them on the unglazed side with strawberry marmalade strained through a sieve, and lay on each one a fine slice of preserved pineapple; decorate the borders of the crusts reaching out beyond the pineapple with angelica lozenges and candied cherries cut in four, then dress them on a dish in a circle, one overlapping the other. Fill the hollow of the circle with candied fruits cut in dice, such as apricots, pears, greengages, green almonds, candied cherries, orange peel and angelica, the whole washed in warm water, and then mingled with apricot marmalade (No. 3675) flavored with kirsch; heat the dish after it is dressed in the oven for ten minutes. Serve an apricot kirsch sauce (No. 3001) separately.

(3023). Crusts With Bananas A La Panama (Croutes Aux Bananes A La Panama)

Slice some brioche three-quarters of an inch thick, and from them remove a dozen rounds with a two and a quarter inch diameter pastry cutter; cut them all around a short distance from the edges and empty out the insides; lay them on a baking sheet, besprinkle with sugar and glaze in a quick oven; after they come from the oven cover the insides with guava jelly softened with a little maraschino. Peel six fine very ripe bananas, cut them across in slices an eighth of an inch thick, and plunge into a hot syrup of twenty-five degrees, flavored with maraschino, leaving them in for five minutes only, then drain and dress dome-shaped on the crusts, covering over with very hot apricot marmalade (No. 3675); dredge with fresh finely chopped pistachios and dress in a circle on a dish; fill the inside of this with pineapple cut in quarter-inch squares, thrown into the syrup in which the bananas were cooked, then brought to a boil, and mingled with some guava jelly diluted with syrup and flavored with maraschino, serving separately a hot sauce made with apricot marmalade, grated pineapple and maraschino.

(3024). Crusts With Cherries Or Strawberries A La Michelet (Croutes Aux Cerises Ou Aux Fraises A La Michelet)

Cut some slices an inch thick from a very firm kitchen loaf, using only the crumb part; from them obtain six rounds with a two and a half inch diameter pastry cutter, and cut these rounds in two through their diameter so as to have twelve half-rounds. Cut partly through these half rounds a short distance from the edge with a small kitchen knife, square the corners and plunge them into hot clarified butter to have them assume a fine golden color. Drain them at once on a cloth, wipe and empty out the centers. Cover the inside with apricot marmalade (No. 3675) and fill them level to the top with rice and cream (No. 160) flavored with vanilla and finished with a few egg yolks and then mask the tops with a heavy layer of strawberry jam. mixed with almonds and pistachios. Dress these crusts prepared in this manner in a circle on a dish and fill the center of it with stewed fresh cherries or candied cherries washed in boiling water and softened in a light syrup, then mingled with apricot marmalade and kirsch.

Serve separately a sauce-boat of cherry syrup with a few spoonfuls of currant jelly added and flavored with kirsch.