(1917). Duck A La Beitannia - Stuffed (Canard Farci A La Britannia)

Chop up a little green sage also one shallot, put them into a vessel and season with salt and pepper, add three hard-boiled egg-yolks, two dozen chestnuts and two tablespoonfuls of breadcrumbs: work the whole well together and with it fill the duck; truss and roast for three-quarters of an hour to one hour, then dress on a crouton of fried bread, pour over a poulette sauce (No. 527), and serve more in another sauce-boat.

(1918). Duck A La Matignon (Canard A La Matignon)

Select a fine young cluck and truss it after singeing and drawing. Cut up some carrots, bacon and onions into three-sixteenth inch squares; have also sprigs of parsley, thyme and bay leaf. Put the bacon into a sautoir with two ounces of butter, fry, put in the onions without coloring them, then add the carrots, herbs and seasoning; moisten with Madeira wine and let fall to a glaze. When cold wrap the duck with this matignon in strong sheets of buttered paper, and roast either on the spit or in the oven from three-quarters of an hour to one hour. Unwrap and add the vegetables to half a pint of espagnole sauce (No. 414) and as much broth (Mo. 194a); boil and despum-ate for half an hour reducing to the consistency of a light sauce; strain this through a tammy (No. 159,) and pour a part of it over the dressed duck, serving the remainder in a sauce-boat.

(1919). Duck A La Siebrecht (Canard A La Siebreckt)

Have a duck prepared and cooked the same as for roasting (No. 1921). dress and serve at the same time a sauce prepared as follows: Peel and cook some sour apples, and when done strain off the liquid part collecting the pulp in a vessel; mix into this a quarter as much grated fresh horseradish and as much unsweetened well drained whipped cream; pour this sauce into a sauce-boat and serve it to accompany the duck.

(1920). Duck, American Style - Stuffed (Canard Farci A L'Americaine)

Singe, draw, and clean well a young duck, fill the insides with an American bread stuffing ( No. 61); truss for roasting ( No. 179) and roast it either on the spit or in the oven, three-quarters of an hour should be allowed. Dress it on a hot dish and pour a little gravy (No. 404) around, serving more in a separate sauce-boat.

(1921). Roast Duck (Canard Roti)

Singe and draw a nice fat duck, chop up the liver with the same quantity of fresh fat pork, season and mix in a small finely chopped onion, some chopped parsley, a handful of breadcrumbs passed through a sieve and one egg-yolk; with this dressing stuff the duck's stomach; truss for roasting and cook either on the spit or in the oven for thirty to forty-five minutes, according to its size; baste over several times with butter, salt, and then take it from the spit; untruss and dress it on a dish garnishing around with slices of lemon. Send at the same-time a sauce-boat of good gravy taken from the dripping pan, adding a little good stock ( No. 194a) to it. This duck may be served plain without dressing if desired.