(2491). Galantines Of Partridges A La Clementine (Galantines De Perdreaux A La Clementine)

Choose three nice partridges; bone and open them on the table; decrease the thickest parts of the meats to place them on the thinner spots, then season well; cover with game galantine forcemeat (No. 66) pounded and forced through a sieve. On this place lengthways some lardons (No. 1, Fig. 52) of blanched fat pork, some truffles, cooked beef tongue and foies-gras; cover with more forcemeat and repeat the operation, finishing with the forcemeat; enclose well in the partridge skin and roll up in separate cloths, tying them at both ends and in the center; the three must be of the same weight - a pound and a half apiece - and rolled to the same length. Simmer them in some stock (No. 194a) for two hours; drain and leave cool partly, then roll them up tight in a clean cloth, tie both ends and the center again and hang them up, fastening a ten-pound weight or more to the bottom of each one; leave till quite cold, then unwrap and pare to an equal size and shape; cover with white chaudfroid (No. 596); decorate with truffles and mask over with jelly, then leave to get quite cold. These galantines are to be dressed on a round dish with swan support dressed on the stearine foundation; place a galantine between each swan.

Bone a partridge thoroughly, remove all the skin and sinews and cut it up in small quarter-inch pieces, fry them in oil with garlic, mignonette and cayenne, wet with good vinegar and broth and let simmer; when the meats are done and the moisture reduced add a little jelly. Prepare some pretty, red peeled tomatoes, empty them, arrange on a baking sheet, fill them with this preparation, replace the covers and when cold glaze over with half-set jelly and lay them between the galantines. Have a griffon socle prepared as for the ballotines a la Madison (see Fig. 453;, place in the shells of the socle some stuffed mushroom heads (No. 2517) glazed with brown chaudfroid (No. 594). Garnish the bottom of the socle with cases of stuffed thrushes or larks all glazed over with blond chaudfroid; between each of these cases lay a carved hominy croustade filled with chopped jelly, with the streaked minion fillets formed into rings on the top. Finish decorating the whole with a stearine cup placed on the support, having it filled with small glazed truffles; around the base place a garland of smilax or other greens.

Galantines Of Partridges A La Clementine Galantine 507

Fig. 487.

(2492). Galantines Of Partridges And Sliced In Bellevue (Galantines De Perdreaux En Tranches Et En Bellevue)

Procure two or three fresh, plucked and singed partridges; bone them through the back; suppress the largest sinews from the legs and fillets, and season; remove all the meat attached to the bones and carcasses. Prepare a fine forcemeat (No. 65), pound and mix with it the chopped parings of the birds and half as much liver baking forcemeat (No. 81); pound, strain and season. Put into a bowl some strips of blanched fat pork a quarter of an inch square, mix with them some truffles and red beef tongue, cut the same. Fill the partridges with the forcemeat; reconstruct them to their original shape and sew up; wrap them in small cloths, tying them at the ends and in the center. Cook these galantines slowly for one hour and a quarter in some good unskimmed stock (No. 194a). After taking them out, remove the cloths and wrap them up once more, only much tighter, and let cool off under a light weight; finally, unwrap, pare, glaze and serve, either whole or cut up, garnished with jelly.

In Bellevue

Have a boned partridge cooled under a weight as for the above; cut it into slices; pare them into even ovals all of the same thickness, then glaze with game glaze (No.398) on one side only, using a brush; lay on the center of each a thin slice of truffle cut out with a column tube. Let a thin layer of clear jelly harden on a small baking tin; when stiff, range the slices on top. pressing the pieces down on the glazed side, one beside the other, then pour in between them enough cold jelly to reach as high as the slices; cool this for one hour on ice. At the last moment slit all around these slices with the heated tip of a small knife, then warm the bottom of the pan with a cloth dipped in hot water to enable the slices to be removed with the jelly attached, and dress in a circle on a cold dish. Garnish the center with chopped jelly and around with croutons of jelly (No. 2443).

(2493). Galantine Of Partridge, Elizabeth (Galantine De Perdreau Elisabeth)

Pare some quarter-inch thick slices of a boned partridge prepared as in Bellevue (No. 3492) into half-hear) shapes; glaze and on each one lay a fine slice of black and well marbleized truffle, cover with jelly and dress them in a circle, tilling the center with a Russian salad (No. 2645), and around with artichoke bottoms, garnished with seasoned macedoine (No. 2650).