(2186). Saddle Of Venison A L'Athalin (Selle De Chevreuil A Lathalin)

For cutting up a venison saddle see Fig. 322. Pare a saddle of venison, removing the skin covering the sirloin; lard it with lardons (No. 2. Fig. 52) across the grain of the meat and marinate for twelve hours in cold cooked marinade (No. 114). Put it in a baking pan with bards of fat pork on top and the marinade; pour butter over and when half cooked baste with more butter and besprinkle with flour. Set the parings into a sautoir with a stalk of celery, onions containing cloves and a bunch of parsley garnished with garlic, thyme and bay leaf; moisten with red wine and stock (No. l!)4a). boil and simmer for one hour, then thicken lightly with a little kneaded butter ( No. 579); remove the saddle from the- roasting pan and pour in some gravy (No. 404) to detach the glaze, then add it to the sauce and strain the whole through a tammy, skim off the fat and place a third of the sauce on a dish, dressing the saddle on top; serve the remainder separately in a sauce-boat and some currant jelly on a plate.

(2187). Saddle Of Venison A La Maomahon (Selle De Chevreuil A La Macmahon)

Pare and marinate a saddle the same as for a l'Athalin (No. 2186). One hour before dinner drain and roast it in the oven, and when done skim off the fat and put in half a pint of the marinade and as much raw cream; reduce the same, cut some medium-sized apples in quarters, range them in a liberally buttered sautoir. bestrew with a little powdered sugar and [tour butter over, place in the oven, and when cooked dress the saddle, glaze and pour over a little gravy (No. 404); range the tipples on each side and serve the sauce separately.

(2188). Saddle Of Venison A La Morton (Selle De Chevreuil A La Morton)

Pare, lard and roast a saddle of venison; as soon as it is done cut off the tenderloin and replace it without deforming the meat, then pour over a little gravy (No. 404) and garnish around with macaroni croquettes, glazed turnips, fried Jerusalem artichokes, boiled white beans and boiled potato balls three-quarters of an inch in size; serve currant jelly apart, also a poivrade sat..... (No. 522) having a little Worcestershire added and the whole stirred with some maitre d'hotel butter (No. 581), when ready to serve.

(2189). Saddle Of Venison, Tyrolese Style (Selle De Chevreuil A La Tyrolienne)

Prepare and roast the saddle the same as the one with currant jelly (No. 2193); detach the glaze from the pan with a little port wine, a small quantity of espagnole sauce (No. 414), and into it put as much currant jelly, then strain through a fine sieve. Lay the meat on a long dish, pour some good gravy (No. 404) over and surround with tartlets of sour apple marmalade covered with puff paste parings (No. 146); serve the sauce apart.

(2190). Saddle Of Venison - Larded - Aigrelette Sauce (Selle De Chevreuil A La Sauce Aigrelette)

Lard the saddle the same as explained for saddle with currant sauce (No. 2193), put it in a dish, the minion fillet side uppermost and the larded side underneath, season with mignonette, cloves, garlic, vinegar, onions, thyme, bay leaf and lemon juice; after it has been steeping for six hours, remove and roast it in the oven or on a spit and dress on a hot oval dish; serve an aigrelette sauce (No. 544) separately.