(2942). Scrambled Eggs With Mushrooms (Oeufs Brouilles Aux Champignons)

Prepare the scrambled eggs the same as with gravy (No. 2940); when almost done mix in a salpicon of mushrooms cut in quarter-inch squares; dress and pour around a little Madeira sauce (No. 492) and surround with croutons of bread fried in butter (No. 51).

(2943). Scrambled Eggs With Sweetbreads (Oeufs Brouilles Aux Ris De Veau)

Braise some sweetbreads and then put them under a weight to cool; cut them up in quarter-inch squares and warm in butter. Prepare some scrambled eggs the same as with gravy (No. 2940) and when nearly done add the sweetbreads and mix them in with the eggs. Dress on the center of a dish, pour around a little half-glaze sauce (No. 413) and surround with half-heart croutons (small) of bread fried in butter (No. 51). The sweetbreads may be replaced either by unsmoked salted tongue, ham, or even thin pieces of smoked beef or squares of bacon fried in butter.

(2944). Scrambled Eggs With Swiss And Parmesan Cheese (Oeufs Brouilles Au Fromage De Gruyere Et Au Parmesan)

Beat eight eggs lightly in a bowd, pour them into a saucepan having its bottom buttered with two ounces of fresh butter; season and thicken on a slow fire while beating unceasingly, and as soon as cooked incorporate an ounce of butter and two of grated parmesan. Remove it from the fire and then pour in a little good veloute sauce (No. 415) and raw cream; finish with a few spoonfuls of Swiss cheese cut in dice and softened in cold milk. Dress the preparation in a deep dish and surround with puff-paste crescents. Scrambled eggs maybe prepared with the Swiss cheese or with grated parmesan, mixing in three ounces of either. Surround with triangle-shaped bread croutons fried in butter (No. 51).

(2945). Scrambled Eggs With Tomato Puree (Oeufs Brouilles A La Puree De Tomates)

Select two or three good tomatoes; put them beside each other in a wire basket and plunge into boiling water for two minutes simply to scald and remove the skies; drain off and press through a sieve: should the puree be too thin put it on a hair sieve to drain, then warm and season it. Scramble seven or eight eggs in a saucepan the same as for scrambled with gravy (No. 2940) when properly thickened remove and mix in the prepared puree; pour the whole into a deep dish. Sprinkle over with half-glaze (No. 400), using a brush, and surround with bread croutons (No. 51).

(2946). Scrambled Eggs With Tomatoes And Chives (Oeufs Brouilles Aux Tomates Et A La Ciboulette)

Scald some tomatoes, peel and cut across in two, then into squares, and saute in butter; add them to the scrambled eggs when nearly done, also some finely cut-up chives (see scrambled eggs with gravy, No. 2940).

(2947). Scrambled Eggs With Perigord Truffles (Oeufs Brouilles Aux Truffes Du Perigord)

, Cut two ounces of Perigord truffles into three-sixteenths inch squares, after they have been peeled and cooked with salt and Madeira wine; put this salpicon with a little melted meat-glaze (No. 402) into a small saucepan and set it in a bain-marie. Break four eggs in a bowl, season and heat to mix well, then pour them through a fine strainer into a saucepan, having its bottom covered with half an ounce of butter; put the saucepan on a slow fire and thicken the eggs while beating steadily with a small tinned wire whip. When almost done remove from the fire and mix in slowly about half an ounce of butter broken up small, finishing with a few spoonfuls of raw cream; add the truffles and dress in a vegetable or any other deep dish.

(2948). Scrambled Eggs With Piedmont Truffles (Oeufs Brouilles Aux Truffes Du Piedmont)

Prepare the scrambled eggs the same as for No. 2940, only salting them less; mix with them two spoonfuls of grated parmesan. Have two ounces of white truffles cut up into thin fillets; put the eggs in a souffle pan (Fig. 182), make a hole in the center and in it place the truffles; pour some barely melted butter over, and on top place anchovy fillets. Cover the whole with the eggs so that the truffles are inclosed in the center; set this pan in a slack oven for a few moments and serve at once.