(3525). Paradise Sherbet (Sorbet Paradis)

Prepare an orange water ice (No. 3605), into which incorporate a little carmine, kirsch and orange flower water. This is dressed in a nest with a small bird perched on its edge. The bird, the interior and the bottom should be made of gum paste (No. 3624); imitate the outside of the nest with spun sugar and the grass with fillets of angelica. Serve at once.

(3526). Parfait Amour Sherbet -Sorbet Parfait Amour)

Pour into a freezer one pint of raspberry water ice ( No. one pint of orange water ice ( No. 3605) and a pint of cherry water ice ( No. 3602); mix thoroughly and add to them half a gill of Curacoa, half a gill of maraschino, one gill of kirsch or one gill parfait amour cordial and half a pint of champagne just when ready to serve. Dress in tulips made of gum paste ( No. 3624) or pulled sugar ( No. 3618).

Parfait Amour Sherbet Sorbet Parfait Amour 686

Fig 660.

(3527). Paquerette Sherbet (Sorbet Paquerette)

A light apricot icecream (No. 8451), having one quart for ten persons; put it into au imbedded freezer and incorporate one gill of Madeira and one gill of brandy and noyau. With this sherbet till the inside case found in the handled basket, having this trimmed with a ribbon bow. A small bunch of flowers may be fastened to it also. When prepared to serve put the case filled with the sherbet inside the basket.

(3528). Rebecca Sherbet (Sorbet Rebecca)

Place in a freezer one quart of orange water ice (No. 8605) and one of lemon water ice (No. 8604); work both together thoroughly, mixing in a gill of kirsch and half a bottleful of champagne. This sherbet is served in small cases representing baskets, and decorated with a rich ribbon bow, or in a little well made of gum paste ( No. 8621)

Rebecca Sherbet Sorbet Rebecca 687

Fig. 662.

Rebecca Sherbet Sorbet Rebecca 688

Fig. 861.

Rebecca Sherbet Sorbet Rebecca 689

Fig. 663.

(3529). Venetian Sherbet (Sorbet A La Venitienne)

Place in a vessel one pound of grated pineapple with a quart of twenty-degree boiling hot syrup, also half a vanilla stick. Two hours later strain forcibly through a .sieve and add one gill of kirsch, one gill of brandy and a quarter of a bottleful of champagne. Serve in small gondolas (Fig. 668), made of gum paste (No. 3624).

(3530). Young America Sherbet (Sorbet Jeune Amerique)

Imitate a boat in gum paste (No. 3624), standing it on a thin board; fasten an American flag at the stern and till the empty boat with the following sherbet: Place in a vessel one quart of thirty-two degree syrup, one quart of syrup of pears and currants and one gill of lemon juice, the juice of four oranges, half an orange peel and a little vanilla, Infuse for ...... hour, then bring it to thirty-two degrees; pass through a tine sieve and freeze. Just when prepared to serve incorporate one gill of kirsch, one gill of rum and a quarter of a bottle of champagne.