(3521). American Sherbet (Sorbet A L'Amencaine)

Prepare some glasses of ice, using molds as shown herewith (Fig. 653), they being made in two pieces which, when unmolded, are joined together. Fill them just when ready to serve with this preparation. Have ready a water ice of one quart of water, one pound of sugar, the peel of two oranges and of one lemon, the juice of eight oranges and of six lemons; boil to attain sixteen degress, pass through a fine sieve, then freeze, incorporating into the ice when about serving a quarter of a bottleful of American champagne.mixed with two gills of kirsch and one of prunelle.

American Sherbet Sorbet A L Amencaine 679

Fig. 053.

(3522). Andalusian Sherbet (Sorbet Andalouse)

Trim some fine orange peel to represent baskets (Fig. 656); scallop their borders with the punch shown in Fig. 654; decorate with narrow ribbons and freeze for one hour in a freezing box. Squeeze out the juice of four oranges and two lemons; place this in a vessel, add the peel of half an orange, two drops of extract of bitter orange and two drops of the extract of lemon; bring the composition to twenty-two degrees; strain through a fine sieve and freeze. When frozen mix in one gill of Curacoa and as much kirsch; fill the orange peel baskets and serve at once.

Andalusian Sherbet Sorbet Andalouse 680

Fig. 054.

Andalusian Sherbet Sorbet Andalouse 681

Fig. 655.

Andalusian Sherbet Sorbet Andalouse 682

(3523). Californian Sherbet (Sorbet Californienne)

In a vessel place four gills of syrup at thirty-five degrees, one gill of brandy, one gill of maraschino, half a bottleful of California champagne, the peel of one and the juice of three oranges, four gills of pineapple juice and the juice of twelve lemons. Reduce until it registers sixteen degrees with the saccharometer; strain through a hue wire sieve and freeze. Imbed in ice some molds as shown in Fig 657; decorate with sprigs of fresh mint and till with plain, colorless water; when the ice is sufficiently frozen unmold and keep them on ice until required for serving the sherbet, tilling and serving them without any delay.

Californian Sherbet Sorbet Californienne 683

Fig. 657.

Californian Sherbet Sorbet Californienne 684

Fig. 058.

(3524). Mephisto Sherbet (Sorbet A La Mephisto)

Infuse for three hours in one quart of boiling syrup ten ounces of torrefied fresh COCOA and half a stick of vanilla; add the juice of four lemons and One bottleful of good while wine; bring to twenty-two degrees, then freeze; incorporate, just when ready to serve, two gills of brandy and a gill of rum; with this preparation fill a dice box and serve at once. The box and dice should be of gum paste ( No, 362 4) or pasteboard.

Mephisto Sherbet Sorbet A La Mephisto 685

Fig. 659.