(3125). Glazed Apples (Pommes Glacees)

Choose a few small, even-sized apples; empty the centers with a column tube five-eighths of an inch in diameter, peel and cook them in slightly sweetened acidulated water. In order to have them remain whole it is advisable to rook scarcely boiling, and to keep them covered.

Glazed Apples Pommes Glacees 609

Fig. 586.

Drain and place them in a vessel, pouring a little syrup over; leave to cool. 'When cold drain and cover them several times with a brush dipped in lukewarm apricot marmalade (No. 3675) so that it adheres to the apples, and cover them completely; decorate around the tops with a circle of small dots of angelica. Fill the hole in the center with candied cherries or fruit jelly, such as quince, currant or apple, or use all mingled together; arrange the apples in a pyramid on a dish.

(3126). Glazed Marmalade Of Apples (Marmekde De Pommes Glacee)

Cut a few good russet apples in four, peel and put them into a saucepan with a little water; dissolve on a slow tire while covered, then pass through a sieve; return the puree to the saucepan with two-thirds as much powdered sugar and a tied bunch of lemon peel. Set the saucepan on the lire and let the marmalade reduce while stirring unceasingly with a spoon. When perfect remove the lemon peel, and after it is nearly cold pour it into a dish, smooth it dome-shaped with a knife and sprinkle fine sugar over the top; glaze this with a skewer heated in the fire, cool off and surround the base with triangles of biscuit, placing a flat rosette of the same on the summit of the apples.

(3127). Frothy Puree Of Apples (Puree De Pommes Mousseuse)

Peel six fine apples, cut them up small and cook in a covered saucepan, keeping them very white and adding four spoonfuls of water, a bit of lemon peel and two cloves. When melted press them through a fine sieve, then add seven or eight dissolved gelatine leaves, the juice of four or five lemons and eight or ten ounces of powdered sugar; beat the preparation well on ice with a whip until it whitens and becomes quite frothy, then add a salpicon of candied fruits, and pour this into a mold incrusted in chopped ice. One hour later dip the mold in hot water, unmold the contents on a cold dish and pour over a cold apple syrup flavored with lemon peel.

Apple Syrup

This syrup is made with the liquid in which apples have been cooked and half its weight of sugar added; flavor with lemon or orange peel, boil until it attains the consistency of light jelly, then strain and cool. It is now ready to be used.