(3128). Bucket Of Waffles With Cream (Baquet Degaufresa La Creme)

Prepare a waffle preparation the same as for the timbale of wafers (No. 3222); spread it in a layer on a waxed baking sheet, having it about one-sixteenth of an inch in thickness.:.nd bake it partly, then remove from the oven and cut from it twenty-five uprights, each three-quarters of an inch wide and four inches long, and two others an inch and a half wide by five and a quarter inches long; bore a hole with a thin tube five-eighths of an inch in diameter through these two, and also cut a round bottom piece six inches in diameter. As soon as all these are cut return the sheet to the oven to finish baking the waffles; when of a fine color remove and leave to get thoroughly cold on a marble; Have a timbale mold six inches in diameter; lay the round piece on the bottom and arrange the high pieces against the sides, having the two longest and bored ones exactly opposite to each other, fastening them all on with cooked sugar. When cold unmold the bucket and encircle it with two bands of almond paste (No. 125) in imitation of hoops, having one slightly above the bottom and the other a short distance from the top; slip the bucket on a dish and when ready to serve fill it full of whipped cream flavored with vanilla.

(3129). Basket Of Nougat With Cream (Corbeille En Nougat A La Creme)

To prepare this dessert it requires a basket mold that opens in two or three parts: oil it over with a brush. Peel half a pound of almonds, wipe dry and mince them crossways; dry in a slack heater for twenty-four hours. Put a quarter of a pound of sugar in a copper pan with the juice of two lemons; stand it on a slow fire, stir with a wooden spoon till melted and of a nice yellow tint, then mix in the very hot almonds; take from the fire when the almonds and sugar form one mass. Put a part of this on an oiled baking sheet, roll it out thin with the blade of a knife, and then apply it to the inside surfaces of the basket mold; close and clip off all the nougat extending beyond the edges, and when very cold unmold and trim it with the nougat rings to serve as handles. Fill it with whipped cream flavored with vanilla, having fresh strawberries mingled in; stick here and there small pieces of angelica and dress the basket on a folded napkin.

Basket Of Nougat With Cream Corbeille En Nougat A  610

Fig. 587.

(3130). Baskets Of Oranges With Jelly (Paniers D'Oranges A La Gelee)

Select twelve even-sized oranges, cut them into basket shapes, leaving a handle on the center; empty them with a vegetable spoon (Fig. 91) and around them make a small border, scoring the peel with a knife or small punch made for this purpose (see Andalusian Sherbet, No. 2321); plunge these into boiling water for a minute; remove at once and throw them into cold water to refresh, then suppress all the inside white skin so that the jelly cannot acquire any of its bitterness, Stand them upright on a baking sheet covered with chopped ice and as soon as cold fill them with orange jelly (No. 3180), but slightly thickened and colored with a little carmine; put the sheet and its contents into the ice-box so that the jelly stiffens thoroughly. Dress on a folded napkin or on a stand and trim the handles with variegated ribbons.