(3137). Cream Biscuit - Small (Petits Biscuits A La Creme)

Take some oval-shaped lady fingers and as many more shaped round like a bouchee; cover the edges with a thin layer of apricot marmalade (No. 3675); soak the oval ones lightly with maraschino and dress them in a circle on the outer edge of a deep dish; in the center of this place the round biscuits in intermingled layers after they have also been soaked in maraschino, and cover each one of these with a rather consistent English cream (No. 42) prepared with lemon peel and beaten for seven or eight minutes on ice, then mixed with a few spoonfuls of whipped cream.

(3140). Carolina Border With Champagne (Bordure Caroline Au Champagne)

Make an apricot "pain" preparation (No. 3194) a little thicker than usual, into which add the same quantity of rice cooked with cream and vanilla (No. 160), and a few spoonfuls of whipped cream (No. 50); pour it into a Savarin mold, incrusted in pounded ice. Beside this, prepare and mold a macedoine jelly with champagne the same as for No. 3179, having it in a dome the same diameter at the bottom as the hollow in the Savarin mold; put this macedoine in the ice-box to stiffen. One moment before serving unmold the border on a cold dish and in the center place a pad of Genoese cake (No. 3239), reaching three-quarters to the top; into this unmold the champagne mace-doine and surround the base with a circle of croutons made of ribboned jelly (No. 3184).

(3141). Chateau Framboise (Chateau Framboise)

Fasten a round layer of office paste (No. 143) on a dish and on it place a charlotte mold half an inch narrower than the paste. Prepare a cream cake paste (No. 132) with five ounces of butter, three gills of water, seven ounces of flour, a spoonful of sugar, lemonpeel, a grain of salt and five eggs. Put this paste into a socket pocket (Fig. 179), and put it on a baking sheet in the shape of thin even eclairs as long as the mold is high; then bake them in a slack oven until dry, then allow to cool. After the cakes are detached from the sheet, keep them warm for a few moments. When cold, open and fill them with raspberry jam (No. 3695) pushed through a cornet, and glaze over with sugar cooked to "crack" (No. 171). As this becomes cold dip one end and one side into the same sugar so as to enable them to stand upright on the layer of office paste around the mold. When the sugar is cold lift out the mold and fill the inside of the case with a raspberry bavarois preparation, the same as for No. 3134, thickened on ice, and lastly having a salpicon of candied pineapple added to it.