Banana Pudding

Cut sponge cake in slices, put into a glass dish, a layer of cake and one of sliced bananas, alternately. Make a nice soft custard, flavoring to taste and using yolks of eggs only, and pour over the cake and bananas. Beat the whites of eggs to a stiff froth and heap over the whole. - Mrs. A. L. Patterson.

Snow Pudding

One-half box of Knox's gelatin, dissolved in cool water, add one and one-half tablespoons of sugar into gelatin. When this is dis-solved, put in two cups of boiling water and stir well. When cool, put in flavoring. Let stand until thick enough to beat, and then thoroughly whip with an egg beater until it is like snow. Beat the whites of two eggs separately and add to the above mixture and beat all together thoroughly.

Sauce. - Make a thin custard of the yolks of the eggs, one pint of milk, sugar enough to sweeten, one dessert spoonful of cornstarch, pinch of salt and flavor to taste. - Dr. J. D. Merrill, Chicago.

Marshmallow Pudding

One tablespoon of Knox's gelatin. Pour over this enough water to dissolve it. Add boiling water enough to make one-half teacup in all. Whites of six eggs beaten stiff, add one teacup of sugar, beat stiff. Add gelatin to this. Divide in three parts, color one part pink, put a layer of white. Sprinkle mashed nuts on this, then add the pink, more nuts, then the white. Use whipped cream on top.

Baked Apples

Peel and core the desired number of apples. Place in pan and fill center cavity of each with sugar, and place a piece of butter on top. Bake till tender, remove from oven. Pile meringue made of white of egg and sugar on each and return to oven till a delicate brown. Serve with cream. - Mrs. Amaryn Gilbert.

Grape Juice Sponge

Soften one tablespoon gelatin in one-fourth cup of cold water and dissolve by setting cup containing gelatin in dish of hot water. Add one cup grape juice, juice of half a lemon, and a generous half cup of sugar. Stir until sugar is dissolved, then set in ice water to become chilled. Beat the whites of two eggs until dry, and beat into the chilled gelatin. Beat with egg beater till mixture will hold its shape. Turn into glasses, lined with lady fingers, or thin narrow slices of sponge cake. Finish with whipped cream, candied violets and strips of an-gelica. Put cream on with star tube. - Mrs. Amaryn Gilbert.


White of an egg, beaten stiff; scant one-fourth cup of sugar. Grease paper, draw circle on it. Drop meringue on paper with tablespoon. Bake in moderate oven until brown. When cool, cut tops off, fill with cherries, strawberries or cream. Put tops on. - Harriet Melrose.

Duchess Cream

One cup tapioca soaked over night. Drain off in the morning and cover with boiling water, let simmer until clear. Add juice of two lemons, one can grated pineapple, two cups sugar and the beaten whites of two eggs. Thoroughly chill and serve with whipped cream.-Mrs. W. H. Robinson.

Floating Island

Beat the yolks of three eggs very light; two-thirds of a cup of sugar, one tablespoon of cornstarch, and flavor to taste; stir into a quart of boiling milk, cook until it thickens. When cool pour into a low glass dish. Whip the whites of the eggs to a stiff froth and lay them in spoonfuls upon the custard far enough apart, so that the little white islands will not touch each other. A pleasing effect will be pro-duced by dropping little specks of bright jelly upon each island. - Daisy Nash.

Charlotte Russe

Take four tablespoons of sugar and add two of gelatin, soften in a half cup of water and add enough boiling water to dissolve well. Have chilled on ice, a pint of rich thick cream and when the gelatin is cool, pour into the cream slowly, and whip with the egg beater until it begins to thicken. Pour into molds and serve very cold. It may be flavored to suit the taste and the molds may be lined with thin strips of sponge cake if desired.

Marshmallow Delight

Ten cents worth of marshmallows, one-third pound of nuts, chop-ped; mix with whites of two eggs, beaten stiff; one can cherries, one can pineapple, cut marshmallows in quarters, mix with egg and nuts. Put layer of mixture, then cherries, then mixture, then pineapple, and so on, until all are used. Serve with whipped cream. - Mrs. B. Batson.

Spanish Cream

One pint milk, one-third box Knox's gelatin, one cup granulated sugar, four eggs, one teaspoon extract, dissolve gelatin in milk thor-oughly, place on stove, heat to boiling point, stirring constantly. Then set aside while stirring in the yolks and sugar, which have been beaten to a cream. Then reheat to boiling point, remove from fire, fold in the well beaten whites and flavor, mold and serve with whipped cream. - Mrs. Louie Fitzgerrell, Poseyville, Ind.