Cut the pods into round, thick slices. Put them into boiling salted water, only enough to cover them. Simmer slowly three quarters of an hour. When tender add salt, pepper, and a lump of butter. Serve in a covered dish.

A few green grapes stewed with the okra gives it an agreeable flavor.

What is left may be used for soup.

Okra And Tomatoes

Cook like the above, but mix with the okra half as much tomato, and use no water, as the tomatoes are sufficiently juicy. For this, the okra should be cut into thin slices.

Use what is left for soup, or to bake.

Baked Okra And Tomatoes

Stew fifteen minutes, prepared as above. When seasoned, put into a buttered pudding-dish, lined with bread, or cracker-crumbs. Put crumbs on top and bake half an hour in a hot oven.