Crab A La Creme

Prepare the same as Lobster a la Creme.

Shrimp A La Creme

Prepare the same as Lobster a la Creme.

Clam And Egg Scramble

1 dozen clams 4 tablespoons clam juice

5 eggs 1 tablespoon butter

Salt and pepper

Wash and scrub the clams; put them in a saucepan with half a cup of water; cover closely and cook until the shells open. Remove the clams and save the juice for bouillon or other purposes. Chop the clams fine. Beat the eggs slightly; add the clams and four tablespoons of the juice. Melt the butter in the chafing dish; turn in the mixture and stir over hot water until cooked to a soft scramble. Dust with salt and pepper and serve.

Clam Toast

1 dozen small clams cup scalded milk

1 egg yolk 4 slices buttered toast

Salt and pepper

Clean the clams; cut them into small pieces and simmer a few minutes. Beat the egg yolk; add slowly to the scalded milk; combine with the clams and just before serving add the seasoning. Pour over buttered toast.

Canvas-Back Ducks

Roast the ducks for twenty -minutes; serve whole; carve them at the table; lay them in the chafing dish with red pepper, salt, a large piece of butter, half a glass of currant jelly and an equal quantity of grape juice. Simmer a few minutes and serve.

Sardine Savory

1 box sardines Anchovy essence

1 cup brown sauce 1 tablespoon sardine oil

Remove the sardines from the box and heat them thoroughly in the brown sauce; season with anchovy essence and sardine oil. Serve with egg sandwiches made from graham or rye bread.

Creamed Sardines

1 box sardines 1 chopped hard-boiled egg

1 cup cream sauce 1 tablespoon chopped parsley

Drain the sardines from their oil, and if they are not boneless, remove the bones. Heat thoroughly in the sauce; add the egg and parsley; serve on squares of toasted bread or crackers.

Frog Saddles

Frogs' legs

3 tablespoons butter

1 tablespoon flour

cup cream

Salt and pepper

Few gratings of nutmeg

Melt the butter; add the flour; stir until smooth; add the cream gradually and stir until boiling. Put in the legs; season and cover; cook twenty minutes, adding more cream if necessary.


2 plump quail 2 tablespoons butter cup seasoned broth cup currant jelly

1 teaspoon onion

Salt and pepper

Celery salt

1 tablespoon mushroom catsup

Split the birds open down the back. Put the butter in the chafing dish and brown slightly; put in the birds and cook about ten minutes, turning once. When nicely browned add the broth, jelly, catsup, onion juice and other seasonings.


2 ounces smoked dried beef 3 eggs

2 tablespoons butter 2 tablespoons grated cheese

Dash of red pepper

Remove all fat and gristle from the beef; tear into small pieces and cook slightly in the butter. Add the beaten eggs, cheese and red pepper; scramble and serve with crisp crackers.