Lettuce And Walnut Sandwiches

Mix chopped walnuts with Mayonnaise dressing and spread on thin slices of bread; lay a leaf of lettuce over each; then another slice of thin, unbuffered bread.

Lettuce Sandwiches

Pull the lettuce into small bits; mix thoroughly with Mayonnaise dressing and spread between layers of unbuttered bread. Do not make until near serving time or the lettuce will lose its crispness.

Egg Sandwiches

Mix hard-boiled egg, finely chopped, with Mayonnaise dressing and spread on slices of buttered bread, preferably graham. Chopped olives may be added to the egg mixture if desired.

Surprise Sandwiches

Take orange marmalade, pecan nuts and cream cheese in equal quantities and after mixing thoroughly spread on thin slices of buttered bread.

Ribbon Sandwiches

Cut two slices of white bread and two of brown. Butter three and spread with a thick paste made of hard-boiled egg very finely chopped and mixed with Mayonnaise dressing. Build the slices up one above the other, alternating brown and white, and placing the unbuttered slice on top. Before serving, slice down as you would a layer cake.

Sweet Sandwiches

Butter thin slices of bread and spread with any kind of fruit jelly, jam or marmalade. For variation mix the preserves with cream cheese. Currant jelly is especially good in this combination.

Mock Crab Sandwiches

1/4 cup grated cheese teaspoon salt teaspoon paprika teaspoon mustard

1 teaspoon anchovy paste 1 tablespoon chopped olives

1 teaspoon lemon juice

2 tablespoons butter

Mix the ingredients to a cream and spread between thin slices of graham or white bread.

Egg And Olive Sandwiches No. 1

4 hard-boiled eggs Salt and pepper

2 tablespoons chopped olives Olive oil and vinegar

Chop the egg and mix with the olives; season and moisten with olive oil and vinegar. Spread between thin slices of buttered bread.

Egg And Olive Sandwiches No. 2

Yolks of 3 hard-boiled eggs 4 chopped olives 1 tablespoon butter

Salt and paprika

1 teaspoon lemon juice

1 teaspoon anchovy essence

Buttered slices of bread

Mix the eggs, olives, butter and seasonings to a paste; spread between thin slices of bread, preferably round.

Japan Sandwiches

Chop raw oysters fine; season with pepper, salt and horseradish. Spread a little on a thin slice of buttered bread; add a crisp lettuce leaf and a second slice of bread.

Caviar Sandwiches

Remove the crusts from thin slices of bread; spread with caviar mixed with lemon juice; roll each slice and fasten with a toothpick or serve flat as usual.

Sardine Sandwiches

Skin and bone the sardines and mash to a paste. Season with lemon juice, cayenne pepper and salt, and spread between thin slices of bread.

Cheese Filling For Sandwiches

2 tablespoons butter 2 tablespoons flour 1 cup milk

teaspoon mustard Salt and paprika 1 cup grated cheese

Melt the butter; stir in the flour; then add the milk gradually and let it cook until a thick paste is formed. Take from the fire; add the seasoning; work in the grated cheese and set away until needed. Except in very warm weather this will keep a week.

Club Sandwich

2 slices bread 2 slices chicken breast

2 leaves lettuce 2 slices bacon

Mayonnaise dressing

Toast the bread to a delicate brown and fry the bacon crisp. On one slice of toast place lettuce leaves, covering them with Mayonnaise; then lay on the pieces of chicken and the bacon; cover again with Mayonnaise; put on the second slice of toast; press down and cut through the sandwich diagonally. Work as quickly as possible so that the toast and bacon may be hot. when served.

Combination Sandwich

2 slices whole wheat bread 2 slices Swiss cheese

2 slices cold boiled ham Butter

Butter the bread. On one slice lay the slices of cold ham; then lay on the cheese; then the other slice of bread and press down firmly. Cut across diagonally and serve.

Cinnamon Toast

Toast thin slices of bread to a delicate brown; butter evenly and sprinkle with powdered sugar and cinnamon. Serve with afternoon tea.

Egg Toast

1 egg 1 cup milk

teaspoon salt 4 slices bread

Beat the egg thoroughly and add the salt and milk. Have the bread cut in thin slices; dip them in the milk, allowing each to absorb some. Brown in a buttered frying pan or on a griddle; butter and serve hot with sugar and cinnamon or with syrup.

Cheese Straws

Roll out plain or puff-paste until one fourth of an inch thick. Spread one half with grated cheese; fold over and roll again. Repeat the process three or four times; then cut into strips and bake. Serve with soup or salad.

Salted Almonds

Pour boiling water on the almonds; cool and remove the skins; dry thoroughly and brown in a hot oven using a half tablespoon of butter or olive oil (preferably the oil) to each cup of nuts. When brown, sprinkle well with salt and spread on paper to dry and cool.

A still easier way to prepare the nuts is to cook them over the fire, using a larger quantity of olive oil. As the oil can be saved and used again, this method is not necessarily extravagant.

Salted Peanuts

Shell and skin freshly roasted peanuts and proceed as in salting almonds.