Summer and winter squash are prepared and boiled in the same way. Wash and pare the squash; cut it into small pieces; cook in boiling water for half an hour; mash fine and season with salt, pepper and plenty of butter.

Baked Squash

Wash a Hubbard squash and cut it into large pieces, removing the pulp. Place these, outer side down, in a shallow baking dish and bake until brown. Baked squash is eaten like baked sweet potatoes with butter and salt.

Steamed Squash

Remove the top of a Hubbard squash and steam the rest until tender. Discard the pulp; scoop out the remainder of the soft portion; mash it, seasoning well with salt, pepper and butter; reheat ; return to the shell and score the dome-shaped surface with a knife. Place the squash on a plate with a doily beneath it and serve.