Stuffed Peppers

To prepare red and green sweet peppers for stuffing, cut off the top and with a knife cut out and remove the veins and seeds. The peppers may be filled with a variety of mixtures - chopped cold meats and seasoned bread crumbs and onion juice, or other seasoning, or plain boiled rice; in any or all cases moisten liberally with melted butter. Stand close together in a dish; pour on a little stock or boiling water and bake in the cooker for one half hour.


Cut the squash into pieces; remove seeds and pare. Cut into small pieces and add water almost to cover. Boil ten minutes and place in cooker two hours. Drain, mash and season with butter, salt and pepper. If the butter is browned slightly it will improve the flavor.

String Beans

Break rather than cut the beans into small pieces of about one half inch and, unless they are very fresh, it is well to soak them in ice water one hour before cooking. Then throw them into boiling water; season with salt and pepper and a little butter. Cover the dish; place in the cooker and leave two hours or more.

Baked Sweet Potatoes

Prepare in the same way as white potatoes and bake by same method. They will cook in about the same time.

White Turnips

Wash and pare the turnips; cut into slices and cover with boil ing water. Cook for ten minutes and place in cooker for four hours. Drain and mash; season with salt, pepper and butter and serve hot. Use two radiators.

Yellow Turnips

Prepare yellow turnips or rutabagas, as they are sometimes called, in the same manner as white turnips, but leave in the cooker from one to two hours longer, as they require more cooking.

Boiled Tomatoes

Wash the tomatoes and pour boiling water over them, allowing them to remain in it about one half minute or less if they are very ripe. Cover with cold water and peel. Cut into pieces and add salt, pepper to taste, butter and a small amount of sugar. Boil for five minutes; place in cooker and allow to remain one hour.

Stewed Tomatoes

1 tablespoon butter 1 quart tomatoes

1 level tablespoon flour 1 tablespoon sugar

Salt and pepper

Rub the butter, melted, into the flour; add the tomatoes and seasoning and put in the covered kettle in the cooker for twenty-five minutes. Use one radiator.

Baked Macaroni

pound macaroni 2 cups cream sauce

teaspoon salt cup bread crumbs

Break the sticks into small pieces; add salt and boil for thirty minutes. Add cream sauce and bake for two and a half hours, using both radiators. Reheat and serve.

How To Make Pastry Mixing the Dough Fluting the Crust Health Pie

How To Make Pastry Mixing the Dough Fluting the Crust Health Pie



Macaroni With Cheese

Cook the macaroni as for baking. Place a layer of macaroni in a pudding dish; cover with a layer of cream sauce and a layer of grated cheese. Alternate until the dish is filled. Put layer of bread crumbs on top with bits of butter. Bake for two hours, using both radiators.

Macaroni With Tomatoes

Prepare macaroni as for baking. Put layer of tomatoes in pudding dish; cover with macaroni; season with salt, pepper and butter. Repeat this until the dish is full. Sprinkle cracker crumbs on the top with bits of butter. Bake slowly for an hour.