Green Peas

Shell the peas and cover them generously with water; bring to a boil; then push aside until the water will just bubble gently. Keep the lid partly off. When the peas are tender add salt and butter; cook ten minutes longer and serve. If the peas are not the sweet variety, add a teaspoon of sugar.

Sugar Peas

Sugar peas may be cooked in the pods like string beans. Gather the pods while the seeds are still very small; string like beans and cut into pieces. Cover with boiling water and boil gently for twenty-five or thirty minutes or until tender. Pour off most of the water, saving it for soup; season the rest with salt and butter and serve.

String Beans

Remove the strings carefully; break the pods into one-inch pieces; wash thoroughly; drain and drop into boiling salted water. Boil until tender; drain off the water; season with butter and more salt if needed and serve.

Pork may be boiled with the beans if desired. Boil a quarter of a pound for five hours; then add the beans.

Green Lima Beans

Cover the shelled beans with boiling water; bring to a boil quickly; then let them simmer slowly until tender. Drain and add salt, pepper and butter or hot cream or cream sauce.

Dried Beans And Peas

Recipes for cooking dried beans and peas will be found in the chapter on "Meat Substitutes."

Potatoes Cauliflower String Beans

Potatoes Cauliflower String Beans

Boiled Turnips

Have the turnips peeled and sliced and drop them into boiling water sufficient to cover. Cook until tender; drain well; chop them or mash with a wooden potato masher. Season with salt, butter and pepper and serve at once.