Custard Pie

2 eggs Pinch of salt

3 tablespoons sugar 1 cups milk

Grated nutmeg or cinnamon

Beat the eggs slightly; add the sugar, salt and milk. Line a pie plate with paste; strain in the mixture; sprinkle grated nutmeg or cinnamon over the top and put in a quick oven. When the edge of the crust begins to brown reduce the heat and bake till the custard is just set.

Cocoanut Custard

1 cups milk 2 eggs

Sugar to taste 1 cup grated cocoanut

Boil the milk; sweeten to taste and cool. Beat the eggs separately and then together; add them to the cocoanut and combine with the milk. Bake in a crust like custard pie.

Cheese Cake

1 cup milk Pinch of salt cup sugar

1 tablespoon cornstarch

2 eggs

1 cake cottage cheese

Scald the milk; add the sugar, salt and cornstarch dissolved in a little cold milk. Stir over hot water until the mixture thickens; then add the beaten eggs and last the cheese cake, mixed with a little extra milk. Line one pie plate or a number of small patty pans with paste; fill with the mixture and bake until the cheese custard is firm.

Apple Pie

Pare, core and slice tart, juicy apples; cook them in as little water as possible; rub through a colander; add a piece of butter the size of an egg and sugar to taste; also half the peel of a grated lemon. Bake between two crusts, using half puff-paste or plain paste.

Cherry Pie

Line a pie plate with half puff-paste and bake until delicately browned. Cook the cherries for several minutes in plenty of sugar, adding no water; pour them into the crust; cover with paste and bake in a quick oven.

Bethlehem Apple Tart

Pare, core and slice juicy tart apples. Line a pie plate with half puff-paste; put in layers of apples and sugar until the dish is very full; add a little water; drop small pieces of butter over the top and sprinkle with cinnamon. Do not cover with crust but bake in a quick oven until the apples are tender. If the crust bakes before they are tender cover with an inverted pie plate to hasten the cooking of the fruit.

Peach Pie

Line a pie plate with half puff-paste and fill it with layers of sliced peaches thickly covered with sugar. Heap the peaches well in the middle; cover with crust and bake.

Peach Tart

Follow the recipe for Bethlehem Apple Tart.


1 pound suet

2 pounds lean beef

1 quart chopped apples

cup candied orange peel

cup candied lemon peel

. pound citron juice and grated rind of 1 lemon juice and gerated rind of 1 orange

3 cups seeded raisins 1 cup currants cup molasses 1 cup sugar 1 teaspoon cinnamon teaspoon allspice teaspoon cloves 1 nutmeg, grated

2 cups sweet cider

Let the meat simmer slowly in a covered kettle until tender; run through a meat chopper and mix with the suet, which has likewise been put through the chopper. Add the other ingredients in the order named, chopping the citron and orange and lemon peel before mixing. Put in a stone crock; cover and let stand several days to ripen. Bake in plain or half puff-paste and use puff-paste for the top crust.

Washington Pie

pound butter 1/2 pound sugar 5 eggs pound flour

1 glass sweet cider Grated rind of lemon Little grated nutmeg Raspberry jam

Beat the butter and sugar to a cream; add the yolks of the eggs, then the flour alternately with the beaten whites; last add the cider, nutmeg and lemon. Bake in two layers; fill with raspberry jam half an inch thick and sift sugar over the top. Serve for dessert, cut like pie.

Health Pie

A pie tar more palatable and digestible than the ordinary American pie is made by using an earthen or porcelain baking dish and omitting the bottom crust. Fill the dish well with fruit and sugar; cover with paste and bake as usual.

Short Cake

Puff-paste makes the finest short cake. Bake the crust in two rounds and arrange them in layers, buttering each and covering thickly with fruit, sugar and a little cinnamon if liked. Over the top layer of fruit spread whipped cream or a meringue made of the whites of two eggs and two tablespoons of granulated sugar. If the meringue is used, brown slightly in the oven. Serve cold with cream.

Strawberries make the best short cake, but other berries and sliced peaches are also good.

Economical Short Cake

2 cups flour 1 heaping teaspoon baking powder

1/2 teaspoon salt 1 tablespoon butter


Sift the dry ingredients; rub in the butter; add milk to make a soft dough. Roll out a half inch thick and bake in a hot oven. When cold, cut open, butter and spread with fruit and meringue as directed under Short Cake.