Soak the tripe for several hours; scrape clean; put in salted water and simmer for three or four hours. Drain off the water and set the tripe aside until ready to use. To one cup of cream sauce add a half teaspoon of onion juice and a cup of the boiled tripe. Stir until the tripe is heated and serve.

Broiled Sweetbreads

Wash the sweetbreads and blanch them for five minutes in boiling water; lay them in a greased oyster broiler over a bright fire, turning frequently and brushing with butter whenever turned. When done remove carefully to a platter; season with pepper, salt and butter, and serve with peas.

Stewed Sweetbreads

Wash the sweetbreads and blanch them for a few minutes in boiling water; then lay them in cold water for ten minutes. Put them in a saucepan with water to cover; stew until tender; add a piece of butter the size of an egg, rubbed into one tablespoon of flour, a little chopped parsley and a cup of cream. Boil three minutes and serve.

Stewed Kidneys

Beef, calf or lamb kidneys


1 tablespoon butter

tablespoon onion juice

cup water

2 tablespoons currant jelly

Salt and pepper

Be sure that the kidneys are fresh. Remove all fat and white center; then soak them for an hour in salted water. Cut into half-inch slices, dust with flour and saute in the butter for about five minutes. Add onion juice and water and simmer for about ten minutes, Add jelly, salt and pepper, and serve.