Oatmeal Gruel No. 1

1 tablespoon oatmeal 1 pint milk or water

3 tablespoons water Pinch of salt

Mix the oatmeal with the three tablespoons of water. Boil the pint of milk or water and into it pour the oatmeal slowly. Season and boil for five minutes, stirring constantly.

Oatmeal Gruel No. 2

1 quart water Milk

3 tablespoons oatmeal Sugar

tablespoon butter

Boil the water and into it stir the oatmeal; boil until it thickens, stirring constantly. Then pour it into a double boiler and let it cook for three or four hours. Thin with rich milk; strain carefully; add the butter and sweeten to taste.

If sugar is not desired, salt may be substituted.

Indian Gruel

1 heaping tablespoon corn meal Salt

1 quart water. Sugar

Mix the meal with a little cold water. Boil the quart of water; pour it on the corn meal; beat well; return it to the saucepan and boil fifteen or twenty minutes. Add a little salt and sweeten to taste.

Sago Gruel

2 tablespoons sago 1 pint cold water


Soak the sago for an hour in cold water sufficient to cover it; add the pint of water; place over a slow fire and stir until the sago is dissolved and becomes thickened. Sweeten to taste, and if too thick add a little boiling water.

If desired, add flavoring and a little nutmeg.

Egg Gruel

1 egg 1 cup hot milk

1 teaspoon sugar Grated nutmeg or lemon juice

Beat the yolk of the egg with the sugar until light; add the well-beaten white; pour over this the hot milk; flavor and serve at once.

Cracker Gruel

2 tablespoons powdered cracker cup milk

cup boiling water teaspoon salt

Pour the water over the cracker; add the milk and salt; bring to a boil and serve.

2 teaspoons arrowroot 1 pint milk or water


Mix the arrowroot in a little cold water. Boil the water or milk; stir in the arrowroot and boil until thickened and clear, stirring constantly. Sweeten to taste.